Boosting Local Visibility: Benefits of Investing in Local SEO Services in 2024

Local SEO Services

How Local SEO Works

The need for local SEO stems from the need to enhance product and brand visibility in a target area while improving rankings in local online search results. The idea is to optimise your website or online presence and tune it for localised ease of purchase. It aims to connect your business with potential customers in your specific geographic area.

The advantages of optimising local SEO services extend to both online and brick-and-mortar operations. Businesses must first create or claim their Google Business Profile, which provides information about their business, such as name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and customer reviews. Local search visibility requires identifying keywords that help potential customers narrow their search.

The local SEO advantage:

  • Start by creating or claiming your Google Business Profile listing, which provides information about your business.
  • Optimise your listing by ensuring accurate and consistent information
  • Optimise your website’s pages by including local keywords in the page titles, meta descriptions, headings, and content.
  • Ensure your website has a user-friendly UI, is mobile-friendly, and loads quickly.
  • Submit and circulate your business information across popular local directories.
  • Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews and ratings on platforms.

How Local SEO Helps Local Businesses

Local SEO is a crucial strategy for businesses wanting to increase their visibility in local search results. Companies must be present across physical locations besides online services and offer services in a specific locality. Optimised local SEO services are a boon for customers who want instant locational help and businesses which depend heavily on a locality.

As a business diversification tool, local SEO is an effective way for small and medium enterprises to stand out in their local market, attract more customers, and increase revenue. It’s a strategy that a large number of local business units are considering worldwide as part of their overall digital marketing plan.

Through the lens:

  • Local SEO helps to improve a business’s visibility on online platforms. Optimised web content for local search ensures higher rankings across Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).
  • Local SEO helps businesses attract targeted traffic. Local search users are often ready to engage with a business in their area.
  • By optimising local search, businesses can attract potential customers and increase their conversion rate.
  • By investing in local SEO, you can gain a competitive edge over other businesses in your area that haven’t yet aced the online game-boosting local search.

10 Benefits of Local SEO to Your Business

Helps improve online visibility: Your unique product or service needs to attract local customers; this is precisely what local SEO helps businesses with. Better link-building and citation strengthen your online presence and grabs more eyeballs. Investing in local SEO services enhances the online visibility of your physical store. It makes you more accessible to customers who can connect with you via call or locate you via maps.

  • Google Business Profile acts as a directory to list businesses and gain visibility.
  • Identifying and using the appropriate locally-relevant key words aids visibility.
  • Positive customer feedback across various platforms helps businesses rank higher.
  • Getting other local businesses, blogs, and directories to link to your site increases and prompts search engines about your site’s relevancy and trustworthiness.
  • Optimising your website for mobiles provides additional leverage to rank higher on search listings, as handheld devices are most commonly used for searching.

Provides an edge over competitors: An online presence today is the most significant advantage a business can have. This boosts visibility and gives you an edge over your competitors. Local companies often discount the criticality of being present online due to conventional business paradigms and a lack of willingness to adapt to changes. Your website helps you stand out among peers and showcase your entrepreneurial prowess.

  • Higher rankings in search results through local SEO optimisation help businesses stand out.
  • It helps generate faster customer response, thereby improving credibility and trust.
  • Accurate business details and product information online ensure higher conversion.
  • Compatibility across devices increases visibility manifold and boosts rankings.
  • Adapting to Google’s dynamic search ranking algorithms optimises your local SEO strategy.

Local SEO Services Melbourne

Ensures relevant traffic: The right keywords describing your business can work wonders for you. Targeting the appropriate keywords focuses your efforts on the details your target audience uses to search for products and services via local search. By targeting local search queries, businesses can attract website visitors actively seeking their products or services in their geographic location. This means not just more traffic but more relevant traffic. Regular high rankings establish credibility and domain authority.

  • Local SEO strategies help businesses rank higher in local search results, boosting visibility and increasing website traffic.
  • Local SEO services help drive more traffic and more ‘relevant’ traffic, which helps save time.
  • Optimised local SEO ensures better resource management and customer satisfaction.
  • Relevant traffic guarantees higher conversions as these are genuine customers who have clarity regarding their exact requirements.

Reduces dependency on ads: Brand promotion is a tedious process that often causes significant financial and time drain. Conventional marketing tools like banners, billboards, local TV commercials, and festive posters required heavy investments. Additionally, the offline mode of advertisement was not dynamic and did not allow prospective customers to interact with the business. Optimising local SEO for your website doesn’t entail much money and can be customised as per consumer demographics.

  • Local SEO helps limit costs by focusing on relevant customer segments and geographies.
  • The positive impact of local SEO services is long-term, unlike traditional paid ads that cease to perform once the contract period is over.
  • Local SEO ensures organic search results, a more trusted source for customers than paid ads.
  • An effective local SEO strategy can create and sustain customer loyalty and generate organic customers. This translates into more business without the need for paid ads.

An efficient sales tool: Customers prefer brands and businesses that help them meet their requirements faster. A well-optimised local SEO for your website will guide potential customers better through your product/services page. The ease of navigating through your landing page or specific sections hastens the purchase process and the turnaround time. An online-offline combination further simplifies things for customers who prefer the touch-and-feel factor before purchasing.

  • Smart navigation through an optimised website leads to faster conversions.
  • Quick, safe, and secure payment options instil confidence and quicken the payment process.
  • Optimised local SEO services improve visibility, thereby translating into higher sales.
  • Local SEO services apply to online shoppers and those who prefer the physical store option.
  • Positive online reviews push sales up through existing and new organic customers.

Enhances customer experience: Getting the right store with the exact product/services at the push of a button is a customer’s dream. A website optimised for local SEO requirements helps customers decide their preferences faster as they can navigate quickly through your website. Local SEO optimises your website and online listings to provide accurate and relevant information. This includes details like your address, operating hours, contact information, and descriptions of your products or services.

  • Local SEO makes it easier and enjoyable for customers to buy from a business they found easily and quickly.
  • The option to share customer feedback makes your business more endearing and iconic.
  • Optimising your website with local SEO makes it mobile-friendly, and your business becomes more accessible.
  • Local SEO helps create secure and easy-to-use payment gateways for customers to make payments without the fear of fraud easily.

Helps in Community-building: The power of creating strong customer bonds and quick grievance redressals, and faster product availability fosters an ecosystem that benefits every aspect of society. Local SEO services help customers recognise your brand and spread the word across communities. This widens your organic spectrum and opens up avenues regarding segments you can enter in the future based on customer feedback.

  • Local SEO services help businesses discover newer avenues for future expansion.
  • Higher customer confidence in your product enables you to build a loyal community.
  • Local market requirements drive your business, allowing better customisation.
  • Higher ranks across search engines boost your local credibility and outreach.

Measure results better: One of the most significant advantages of local SEO is that it allows businesses to monitor and analyse traffic data specific to their targeted geographical area. With tools like Google Analytics, they can see how many local customers visit their website, which pages they visit, and how long they stay, thereby providing insights into the effectiveness of local SEO strategies. A better ranking equals more visibility, which should theoretically lead to more business.

  • Tools like Google Analytics help ascertain web footfalls, pages visited, and time spent on the website.
  • Prompt online feedback and review analysis allow businesses to fix issues faster and maintain friendly ties.
  • Local SEO services help identify domains that can be explored for business expansion.
  • Local SEO helps businesses measure their performance against their local competitors.
  • Businesses can measure their ROI by tracking the growth in local customers and comparing it to their SEO spend.

Build your brand with Local SEO: Optimising your website with Local SEO is an essential tool today to grow your brand and goodwill in the market. Building a brand with local SEO services involves several strategies. These services can help boost your visibility on search engines, specifically for search queries that are localised. With Google Analytics, it’s easier to monitor your website’s traffic and understand where your visitors are coming from, what keywords they’re using to find you, and what pages they’re visiting. These features go a long way in establishing and maintaining your brand for years.

  • Local SEO helps customers identify your business quicker and creates a robust brand image.
  • A mobile-compatible and optimised website streamlines purchasing choices and generates sales faster.
  • Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on your Google Business Profile page, Yelp, and other relevant platforms.
  • Regularly posting updates and responding to reviews will highlight your earnestness towards your products/services.

Rank higher in SERPs: A crucial aspect for any business is to optimise its local SEO for a higher Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) rank. Your Google Business Profile plays a significant role in local search rankings. Ensure you fill out every detail, including your business name, address, phone number, website, hours of operation, and business description. Make sure to update this information in case of any changes. High SERP ranking comes from local keyword optimisation and mobile compatibility, with the latter being today’s most crucial search device.

  • Claim your Google Business Profile and provide all relevant information.
  • Optimise your website with local SEO for mobiles and other on-the-go devices.
  • Use keywords relevant to your local market in your website’s metadata, tags, headings, and content.
  • Regularly create content that is relevant to your local area.
  • Be responsive towards customer reviews and feedback for directional clarity.

How Sharp Instincts Can Help Your Business

Benefit Of Local SEO

As a local SEO agency Melbourne, we can provide several benefits and assistance to businesses looking to improve their online visibility and attract more local customers. We can identify the most relevant keywords and phrases commonly used by local customers when searching for products or services in your area. We’ll help you increase your chances of appearing in local search results by targeting these keywords.

At Sharp Instincts, we believe in providing the best on-page optimisation. Local SEO agencies can optimise your website’s on-page elements to improve its visibility in local searches. This includes optimising meta tags, headings, URLs, and content to include relevant local keywords and location-specific information.

Google Business Profile is a vital tool for local businesses, and a local SEO agency can help you optimise your GMB listing. They can ensure that your business information is accurate and up-to-date, help you gather positive reviews, manage customer interactions, and utilise GMB features effectively.

The following are the benefits of using our services:

  • Local keyword research
  • On-page optimisation
  • Google Business Profile Optimisation
  • Local directory listings
  • Online reputation management
  • Local link building
  • Streamlined content creation
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Analytics and Reporting

Final Thoughts

A local SEO agency can provide expertise, resources, and strategies to help you improve your local online presence, attract more local customers, and achieve higher rankings in local search results. At Sharp instincts, we help you achieve its objectives regarding revenue, targets or new customers.

Increase your chances of attracting the right visitors to browse your website with a tailored local SEO strategy with us. We will partner with you to craft a specific plan around your objectives to target local businesses, drive in-store traffic and receive more online purchases. Our Local SEO services experts can help you achieve your business goals.


Why is local SEO important in 2023?

Local SEO is a crucial strategy for businesses wanting to increase their visibility in local search results. It’s significant for businesses that are present across physical locations besides online services and offer services in a specific locality.

How local SEO helps grow your business?

The following advantages make local SEO a preferred option for businesses:

  • It helps to improve your online visibility
  • It enables you to overtake your competitors
  • It helps to drive relevant traffic
  • It reduces ads costs
  • It helps to increase your sales rate
  • It allows you to build a better user experience
  • It enables you to create a community
  • It helps you measure your results
  • It helps to grow your brand
  • It allows you to rank high in SERPs

What are the most critical factors in local SEO?

The essential factors are:

  • Claim your Google Business Profile and fill in every detail correctly and truthfully.
  • Ensure that your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) are consistent across all online platforms.
  • Use keywords relevant to your local market in your website’s metadata, tags, headings, and content.
  • Optimise your website for mobile compatibility.
  • Engage with local businesses, blogs, and influencers for link-building opportunities.
  • Encourage customers to leave reviews on your Google Business profile.

Why is local SEO important for small businesses?

As a business diversification tool, local SEO is an effective way for small and medium enterprises to stand out in their local market, attract more customers, and increase revenue. It’s a strategy that a large number of local business units are considering worldwide as part of their overall digital marketing plan.

Digital Marketing: Harnessing Your Online Business Potential

digital marketing melbourne


Fancy this. You are an ad sales representative from a magazine on his way to the client’s office, pitching for a full-page advertisement at your card rate, willing to cough up a discount at the drop of a hat! However, you are greeted with a chronological bifurcation from your revered potential client of how — while you were busy — he learnt the nuances of showcasing his products and offerings on the digital gamut of myriad platforms, which garnered him more business, more customers and overall, more eyeballs. Welcome to the world of digital marketing, where grabbing these quintessential eyeballs is the name of the game.

Let’s face it: your client wants to be where his potential customers are or are likely to be. This calls for the smartest tool available today: SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. The more optimised your product placement is, the more chances you have to convert a viewer into a business lead and, later on, a steady follower and subscriber.

Expanding the Digital Presence of Your Business

The ecosystem possessed by digital marketing today surpasses the tried and tested formula offered by traditional marketing modules. Indeed, the touch-and-feel modus operandi has and will always be welcome, but the currency of digital offerings helps brands easily overcome these obstacles. This has a lot to do with the traditional media sources being replaced with digital ones across age groups. News on the go, coupled with live updates, has been long challenging traditional paper-and-ink media, with fruitful results.

Coaxing (and essentially) luring them to click on an ad of yours calls for strategic placement of keywords across these social media sites, which clasp on a user’s past and present web searches while being sensitive so as not to be too persuasive.

The fact that smart keyword positioning, along with strategic HTML placements & hyperlinks to ‘wow’ brand factors, relies on a viewer’s last search results empowers a brand with the ability and dexterity to custom-place ads masquerading cleverly within the text. This is often referred to as on-page optimisation, which is a micro-manifestation of how an individual customer will/might react to an ad placement.

Optimising Content for Enhanced Credibility

The game has now moved on to an equally enchanting online SEO optimisation that focuses on the macrocosm of the digital marketing spectrum. How well a brand can leverage other aspects of media to its advantage forms a part of this tool. And news mediums are the perfect means to achieve this end.

Imagine the CEO of a global automotive giant gets featured in a lead interview of a prominent magazine: instant brand recognition and customer eyeballs. Next week, the same Mr. CEO is the key speaker at an eminent customer satisfaction survey forum: further brand image enhancement.

The road adopted in the two channels mentioned above might differ, but the sales charts will ring both ways. Remember our poor ad sales representative from the beginning of this article? Well, he was smart enough to jump boats and join the digital bandwagon to his advantage!

digital presence for business

Tips to Improve Your Digital Presence

Improving your digital or online presence requires a comprehensive strategy combining multiple smart marketing and business strategies. By implementing these strategies, businesses can increase their visibility and credibility and drive more conversions.

Building a website: Having a website is essential for businesses to show up online. It is one of the first places people will go to learn more about your company. Ensure your website is user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and optimised for search engines.

Master SEO: Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). This can help increase your visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

Creating valuable content: Content marketing is a powerful way to establish yourself as a subject matter expert and help your brand repeatedly connect with people. A business blog is a great way to dive deep into relevant keywords and be individually optimised to rank for that keyword. Make sure your content is high-quality, informative, and engaging.

Social media presence: Social media is a great way to build credibility and reputation and showcase your brand. Prioritise the sites your customers are active on and start brainstorming content best suited for those mediums. Make sure to post regularly and engage with your followers.

Developing an email list: Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience and drive conversions. Ensure you provide value to your subscribers and avoid spamming them with irrelevant content.

Analysing your results: Use analytics tools to track your website traffic, social media engagement, and email marketing metrics. This can help you identify what’s working and what’s not and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Personify your brand: Building an online presence is a lot like building a brand. One tactic many companies use to build a brand is personifying it. This can help you establish a unique voice and personality that resonates with your target audience.

Collaborating with influencers: Influencer marketing is a powerful way to reach new audiences and build credibility. Identify influencers in your industry and collaborate with them to create content or promote your products/services.

Using paid advertising: Paid advertising can help you reach your target audience more effectively and drive more traffic to your website. Consider using platforms like Google Ads or social media advertising to promote your business.

Monitoring online reputation: Your online reputation can significantly impact your business. Make sure to monitor your online reviews and respond to any negative feedback in a professional and timely manner.

The Ultimate Google Analytics Guide to Enhance Your SEO Strategies in 2023

google analytics 4

Let’s face it: the digitised market has rendered Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) a sine qua non for web-based ventures. It is not without reason that in the ever-expanding labyrinth of the digital world, Google Analytics has emerged as an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to boost their search engine rankings.

By deciphering a plethora of data points, this robust platform provides discerning insights into user behaviour, thereby offering a cornerstone for effective SEO strategies. The introduction of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has made strides in transforming data analytics, marking a paradigm shift from its predecessor, Universal Analytics.

Brief Overview of GA4 and its Advancements

Google seems to have significantly upped the SEO game with Google Analytics 4, which is clearly an evolutionary leap from its predecessor, Universal Analytics. Unlike prior models, this rendition offers more than mere data analytics; it delivers a comprehensive, user-centric approach to understanding audience interactions. GA4 is poised to revolutionise the realm of SEO by furnishing real-time analytics and more nuanced event tracking.

Understanding GA4 Core Metrics and Dimensions

In a shift from antiquated paradigms, GA4 adopts a user-centric metric model instead of a session-centric one. This recalibration in metrics allows for a more granular understanding of user interactions, creating more focused SEO endeavours. While session-based metrics offer a snapshot, user-centric metrics provide a feature-length film of consumer behaviour.

Event Tracking and Conversions

GA4 excels in its capacity to track user events with unparalleled precision. From user clicks to page views, each event forms a quantifiable metric that can be channelled into conversion goals. These conversion metrics are pivotal in gauging the efficacy of your SEO strategies, providing a tactile sense of return on investment (ROI).

Leveraging Google Analytics for SEO: Real-world Applications

The new version of Google Analytics offers a suite of advanced features to help you make sense of user behaviour and optimise your website accordingly. It thus becomes imperative to comprehend GA4 and its applications to help you, the user, amp up your SEO strategies in 2023.

google analytics for seo

Identifying Organic Traffic Sources

Decoding the attribution of your organic traffic is no longer an incomprehensible challenge. GA4 allows for precise segmentation of traffic sources, revealing critical information that can be leveraged to refine your SEO strategies. Whether the traffic emerges from social media, blogs, or other websites, understanding its origin can offer crucial guidance for resource allocation.

Content Performance Assessment

Content is the linchpin of SEO, and Google Analytics 4 enables a detailed evaluation of your content’s performance. You can finetune your content strategy by measuring bounce rate, average session duration, and user engagement metrics. This serves to elevate the quality of your content, thereby enhancing its search engine ranking potential.

Future-Proofing Your SEO Efforts with GA4

Thanks to its user-centric architecture and nuanced analytics, GA4 offers the optimal ground for SEO improvements that ensure your efforts remain valid in the coming days and months. As digital landscapes evolve, the utility of GA4 will undeniably escalate, thereby mandating continual learning and adaptation.

Predictive Metrics and SEO

In an era of continuous technological evolution, GA4 offers predictive metrics that employ machine learning algorithms to forecast future user behaviours. Incorporating these predictions into your SEO strategies refines current efforts and engenders a more proactive approach to market adaptability.

GA4’s Machine Learning Features and SEO Adaptability

GA4’s machine learning capabilities serve as a lodestar for SEO adaptability. By interpreting trends and anomalies in user behaviour, these machine learning features can autonomously suggest alterations to your SEO tactics. Such dynamism paves the way for SEO strategies that are not just reactive but inherently adaptive to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Google Analytics 4 is not merely an incremental update but a paradigm shift in analytics that offers multiple opportunities for enhancing your SEO strategies. With its advanced metrics, event tracking, and machine learning capabilities, GA4 equips businesses with the tools required to navigate the intricate topography of the digital marketplace.

Optimising your website content strategy with Google Analytics 4

google analytics event tracking

Understand User Behaviour: GA4 provides a more complete and accurate view of user behaviour across multiple platforms and devices, including web and mobile apps, as well as offline interactions. This profound understanding of user behaviour can help you create more targeted and relevant content for your audience.

Set Up Custom Events: Use custom events in GA4 to track specific user interactions with your content, such as clicks, downloads, or form submissions. This data can help you identify which types of content are most engaging for your audience and optimise your content strategy accordingly.

Measure Content Performance: GA4 allows you to track key metrics related to your content, such as page views, time on page, and bounce rate. By analysing this data, you can identify high-performing content and areas for improvement, helping you refine your content strategy over time.

Combine GA4 with BI Tools: Combining GA4 with Business Intelligence (BI) tools can provide even more in-depth analysis and tracking for your content strategy. This integration allows you to consolidate your marketing data in one place and make more informed, data-driven decisions about your content.

Predict User Behaviour with Machine Learning: GA4 uses machine learning to predict how users will behave, providing you with a more precise map of how users got to your content and what they’re likely to do next. This predictive analysis can help you set more specific goals for your content production and measure its success more effectively.

By leveraging the power of GA4, you can gain valuable insights into your audience’s behaviour, optimise your content strategy, and drive better results for your website and business.

Unveiling the 6 Essential Areas of Content Marketing

6 Essential Areas of Content Marketing


In the ever-evolving digital landscape, content marketing has emerged as a powerful strategy to engage and connect with audiences. A well-executed content marketing strategy can drive brand awareness, build credibility, and foster customer loyalty. To ensure a comprehensive content marketing strategy, it is essential to understand the six key areas that form the foundation of this dynamic discipline.

In this blog post, we will delve into each of these areas, exploring their significance and providing insights on how to leverage them effectively.

Strategy and Planning

A successful content marketing campaign begins with a solid strategy and planning phase. This involves defining your goals, identifying your target audience, conducting thorough market research, and understanding their pain points and preferences. Establishing clear objectives and a content calendar helps align your content creation efforts and ensures consistency in delivering value to your audience.

Content Creation

Content creation lies at the heart of content marketing. This involves developing high-quality, relevant, engaging content that resonates with your target audience. Whether blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, or social media posts, focus on delivering valuable information, solving problems, or entertaining your audience. Pay attention to storytelling, use visuals effectively, and tailor your content to suit different platforms and formats.

Content Distribution

Creating great content is only half the battle won. To maximise its impact, you need to distribute it effectively. Develop a distribution plan that leverages various channels such as your website, blog, social media platforms, email marketing, influencers, and partnerships. Utilise SEO strategies to improve discoverability and consider paid promotion to expand your reach. Consistency and frequency of distribution are KEY to maintaining audience engagement.

Audience Engagement

Content marketing is all about building relationships with your audience. Engage with your audience by encouraging comments, responding to inquiries, and fostering conversations. Actively monitor social media mentions and participate in discussions relevant to your brand. Encourage user-generated content (UGC) and provide free, valuable resources or tools to encourage interaction. Building a sense of community around your brand builds trust, strengthens loyalty and encourages consistent engagement.

Performance Measurement and Analysis

To optimise your content marketing efforts, you need to measure and analyse the performance of your content. Use web analytics tools to track key metrics such as website traffic, conversion rates, engagement metrics, and social media reach. Identify patterns and trends to understand what content resonates most with your audience. Adjust your strategy based on data-driven insights to continuously improve your content marketing results.

Iteration and Optimisation

content marketing agency sydney

Content marketing is an iterative process. Continuously evaluate and refine your content marketing strategy based on performance insights. Experiment with different content formats, distribution channels, and messaging to identify what works best for your audience. Stay up-to-date with industry trends and adapt your approach accordingly. By staying agile and open to change, you can continuously optimise your content marketing efforts for better outcomes.

Content marketing encompasses diverse elements, each playing a crucial role in building a successful brand presence and engaging with your target audience. By focusing on strategy and planning, content creation, distribution, audience engagement, performance measurement, and iteration, you can develop a robust content marketing strategy that yields long-term benefits. Remember, content marketing is an ongoing experimentation, learning, and adaptation journey. Embrace the power of these six areas and unleash the true potential of your content marketing efforts.

If your brand needs a content marketing revamp, or if you’ve been looking for ways to leverage your brand in the digital space holistically, be in touch with Sharp Instincts today to learn how we can help you position your brand as an expert leader in your field.

Q: What is content marketing?

A: Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage a target audience. It aims to provide useful information, solve problems, or entertain the audience, ultimately building brand awareness, establishing credibility, and driving customer loyalty.

Q: Why is content marketing important?

A: Content marketing is essential for several reasons. It helps businesses connect with their target audience on a deeper level by delivering valuable content. It can improve brand visibility, drive website traffic, generate leads, and nurture customer relationships. Content marketing also positions businesses as industry experts and builds trust among their audience.

Q: What types of content can be used in content marketing?

A: Content marketing encompasses a wide range of content types, including blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, social media posts, eBooks, case studies, and more. The choice of content type depends on the target audience, the nature of the business, and the platform or channel being used for content distribution.

Q: How do I create effective content for my content marketing strategy?

A: To create compelling content, understand your target audience and their needs, preferences, and pain points. Develop content that addresses those needs and provides value. Use persuasive storytelling techniques, incorporate visuals, and ensure your content is well-researched and credible. Tailor your content to suit your platform and format, and remember to focus on quality over quantity.

Q: How can I measure the success of my content marketing efforts?

A: Measuring the success of content marketing requires tracking relevant metrics. These may include website traffic, engagement metrics (such as time spent on a page, bounce rate, and social media interactions), conversion rates, lead generation, and customer retention. Use web analytics tools, social media analytics, and other measurement tools to gather data and analyse the performance of your content.

Q: How often should I create and publish content?

A: The frequency of content creation and publishing depends on various factors, such as your resources, audience expectations, and the platform you are using. Consistency is essential, but focusing on quality rather than quantity is better. Develop a content calendar and aim for a regular publishing schedule that you can sustain without compromising the quality of your content.

Q: Should I repurpose my content?

A: Repurposing content involves presenting existing content in a different format or adapting it for other platforms. It is a valuable strategy as it allows you to extend the lifespan of your content, reach new audiences, and maximise your investment. For example, you can turn a blog post into a video or create social media posts based on key points from an infographic or report.

Q: How do I engage my audience through content marketing?

A: Audience engagement is crucial in content marketing. Encourage comments and feedback through CTAs, promptly respond to inquiries and comments, and foster conversations. Actively participate in social media discussions related to your brand or industry. Consider using interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and contests. User-generated content and influencer collaborations can also enhance audience engagement.

Q: How long does it take to see results from content marketing?

A: Content marketing is a long-term strategy, and results may not be immediate. Building brand awareness, establishing credibility, and nurturing relationships with your audience takes time. Consistency, quality, and patience are key. Over time, as you consistently deliver valuable content and engage with your audience, you will see the results in increased brand visibility, website traffic, and customer engagement.

Q: Is content marketing only suitable for specific industries?

A: Content marketing can be beneficial for businesses across various industries. The underlying principles remain the same, while the specific content topics and approaches may vary. A well-executed content marketing strategy can benefit any business that aims to connect with its target audience, build brand authority, and drive customer engagement.

Remember, while these FAQs provide general insights, the details of content marketing strategies may vary depending on specific business goals, target audiences, and industry dynamics. It’s essential to tailor your approach to your unique circumstances and continuously adapt your strategy based on insights and feedback from your audience and analytics.

Here at Sharp Instincts, we’ve long been adapting content marketing and applying it to multiple areas under a client’s digital marketing strategy umbrella as we understand how powerful this strategy implantation can be. Through achieving consistent high engagement by applying this tactic, we have generated high-quality leads for our clients, leading to speedy growth and high positioning in their niche!

Be in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help your business thrive by using content marketing strategies!

Future of Mobile App Development in Australia

mobile app development melbourne


Mobile app development is among the software business’s fastest-growing and most exciting segments. Never before did we witness technology proliferation across age groups as we are seeing today! The need to stay connected, the rapid growth of data services, and the recent monumental growth in application development have made this sector a hotbed for innovation, investments, and global attention.

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, mobile apps have become an essential part of our daily lives. App development in Australia is a thriving industry, with multiple businesses investing in this sector to reach customers.

Significance of iOS and Android App Development in Melbourne

iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile operating systems, offering various development options. Both operating systems contribute to mobile application growth and strive to provide the best user experience. Here are some key points to consider when choosing between iOS and Android app development:

iOS App Development

  • iOS apps offer better performance than Android apps.
  • Apple’s App Store has stricter rules and quality standards, leading to a longer and more difficult review process.
  • Apple has a slightly larger market share across Tier 1 markets, so there are potentially more iOS development roles to choose from.

Android App Development

  • Android is the most widely used mobile operating system, with over three billion active Android devices worldwide.
  • Android currently controls around 72% of the mobile operating system market globally.
  • Android development jobs are more widely available due to the more extensive user base.

Latest Android App Development Trends in Australia

app development in australia

Android app development is a thriving industry in Melbourne, with several companies offering services in this field. Sharp Instincts has experienced Android app developers who can provide end-to-end solutions for all business needs. Melbourne has some of Australia’s top Android app developers, and customers are the primary beneficiaries of this technological revolution.

Melbourne’s Android app development industry is growing, with new companies entering the market every year. As a leading name in application development, the Android app developers at Sharp Instincts ensure that the product is free of bugs, navigation problems, security issues, and poor user experience. They boast a team of expert designers and developers who build apps for Android and iPhone.

Melbourne has a thriving Android app development industry, with several companies offering services in this field. The Android app developers in Melbourne provide end-to-end solutions for all business needs and ensure that the product is free of bugs, navigation problems, security issues, and poor user experience. The city’s app development industry is growing, with new companies entering the market every year.

Latest iPhone App Development Trends in Australia

The current trends in iOS app development in Melbourne are snowballing, with new options and features being introduced frequently. Here are some of the current trends in iOS app development in Melbourne:

  • Integration with wearable devices: With the increasing popularity of wearable devices, iOS app developers in Melbourne are focusing on integrating their apps with these devices to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): AR and VR are becoming more prevalent in iOS app development in Melbourne, with developers using these technologies to create immersive user experiences.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is being used in iOS app development in Melbourne to create intelligent apps that can learn from user behaviour and provide personalised experiences.
  • Cloud-based apps: Cloud-based apps are becoming more popular in iOS app development in Melbourne, with developers using cloud technology to store and access data from anywhere.
  • Security: Security is a top priority in iOS app development in Melbourne, with developers using the latest security features to protect user data and prevent unauthorised access.

Melbourne’s iOS app development industry is constantly evolving, with new technologies and features being introduced regularly. The current trends in iOS app development in Melbourne include integration with wearable devices, AR and VR, AI, cloud-based apps, and security. Melbourne-based developers use these trends to create innovative and engaging apps for iOS users.

Future Trends in Mobile App Development

The future of mobile app development is exciting, with emerging technologies such as AR, VR, AI, blockchain, and security. These technologies are continuously influencing the course of mobile app development, and apps that power phones and wearables frequently take centre stage. Estimated growth trajectories predict mobile app development will yield over $600 billion.

The application of existing technologies and the development of new technologies will continue to foster the growth of the mobile app industry. The motivation for developers to get in on the action is obvious: Mobile app development is a rapidly growing industry in Australia, with iOS and Android being the two most popular mobile operating systems.

The Future of Meta: Unlocking New Realms of Digital Experience

The Future of Meta Unlocking New Realms of Digital Experience


As many of us are now aware, Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has recently rebranded itself to reflect its vision of building a metaverse — a shared virtual space that transcends traditional digital boundaries. This bold move highlights Meta’s ambitions to revolutionise the way we interact, communicate, and experience the digital world. In this blog post, we will explore the future of Meta and its potential impact on our lives, from virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to social connections and beyond.

  1. The Metaverse and Immersive Technologies

Meta envisions a metaverse where people can seamlessly shift between the physical and digital worlds through immersive technologies like VR and AR. The future of Meta lies in creating immersive experiences beyond traditional screen-based interfaces. With advancements in VR and AR, we can expect Meta to offer enhanced virtual environments and lifelike digital interactions, opening up new possibilities for work, play, education, and socialisation.

  1. Social Connections and Collaboration

Meta’s vision for the future includes transforming social connections and collaboration in the metaverse. Imagine attending virtual meetings, conferences, or social gatherings where you can interact with others as if you were physically present. Meta aims to create a more immersive and engaging social experience, fostering meaningful connections and bridging geographical barriers.

  1. Personalised and Adaptive Experiences

Meta aims to deliver personalised and adaptive experiences in the metaverse. By leveraging AI and machine learning, Meta can analyse user preferences, behaviour, and context to tailor content, recommendations, and interactions. This customised approach enhances user engagement, efficiency, and enjoyment across various domains, from entertainment and shopping to education and healthcare.

  1. Digital Economy and Opportunities

The metaverse holds immense potential for the digital economy. Meta envisions a future where businesses and individuals can participate in a thriving digital marketplace, offering virtual goods, services, and experiences. From virtual real estate to digital fashion, the metaverse opens up new avenues for entrepreneurship and innovation. Brands and creators can build their virtual presence, monetise their offerings, and reach a global audience.

  1. Ethical Considerations and Digital Well-being

As Meta ventures into shaping the metaverse, ethical considerations and digital well-being become paramount. Balancing privacy, data security, and user control will be critical in creating a trustworthy metaverse ecosystem. Meta must address concerns regarding addiction, mental health, and the potential for digital inequality to ensure that the metaverse is a safe, inclusive, and beneficial space for all users.

  1. Collaboration and Open Standards

The future of Meta and the metaverse relies on collaboration and open standards. Meta understands the importance of fostering partnerships and working with other tech companies, developers, and content creators to collectively shape this emerging digital landscape’s future collectively. Open standards can facilitate interoperability, allowing users to seamlessly navigate different platforms fostering innovation and inclusivity.

Meta’s transformation and its vision for the metaverse mark an exciting chapter in the evolution of our digital experiences. From immersive technologies and enhanced social connections to personalised interactions and economic opportunities, the potential of the metaverse is vast.

As Meta continues to innovate and collaborate, it is crucial to address ethical considerations, prioritise digital well-being, and foster a sense of inclusivity in this new digital realm. The future of Meta and the metaverse holds promise. As users, creators, and communities, we embark on an extraordinary journey of discovery and transformation in the ever-expanding digital universe.

Here at Sharp Instincts, we have the know-how and manpower to harness these ever-evolving digital trends. We have already begun implanting both emerging and new developments into our accounts’ overall digital marketing strategies so that our clients are constantly positioned as leaders of their industries, which continues to build trust and curiosity amongst their audiences, leading to quality lead generation.

For more information on how we can help position your business as a leading advisory in your industry, get in touch with us today to learn more.

Benefits of Hiring an Online Marketing Agency in Melbourne

Online Marketing Agency in Melbourne


With the rapid expansion of technology in these modern times, millions of users are going online every minute. Therefore, in this dynamic landscape, businesses require an online presence to stay ahead of the curve. A great product or service in your arsenal won’t suffice the need, or even a mere online presence won’t automatically translate to higher leads and sales. However, partnering with a reputable online marketing agency in Melbourne can make all the difference.

With the proliferation of tutorials, internet marketing can be learned in one sitting. However, practical application and actual usage vastly differ in achieving adequate results. Thus, it is best to leave the execution to experts in the trade.

In this blog, we’ll explore the compelling benefits of hiring an online marketing agency in Melbourne, focusing on how it aligns with the local market and audience behaviour.

Benefits of Partnering with an Online Marketing Agency in Melbourne to Increase ROI 

Expertise and Experience: One of the foremost advantages of hiring an internet marketing company in Australia is the wealth of experience and knowledge they bring to the table. These agencies are equipped with teams of professionals who specialise in various aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, social media management, content creation, pay-per-click advertising, and more, with regular monitoring through an experienced eye. Their collective knowledge is tailored to the Australian market, ensuring your marketing strategies are practical and culturally relevant.

Local market insight: Gaining local market insight is integral to online marketing and is pivotal for success. An online marketing agency based out of Melbourne possesses first-hand knowledge of the local market trends, consumer behaviours, and industry-specific insights. This insider perspective allows them to craft marketing campaigns that resonate with the local audience, enhancing the chances of engagement and conversion.

SMART Marketing Plan: A digital marketing agency helps you create, execute, and monitor digital marketing strategies tailored to your business requirements and goals. These agencies understand every minute detail about the business and then formulate a plan to achieve the desired results. They assist you in putting together a personalised, comprehensive marketing plan that leans into SMART advertising techniques, which refers to specific, measurable, achievement, relevant, and timely!

internet marketing melbourne

Customised strategies: Every business is unique, and a one-for-all approach to marketing rarely yields optimal results. Australian Internet Advertising agencies like Sharp Instincts, take the time to understand your brand, goals, and target audience before devising a tailored marketing strategy. This personalised approach ensures that your business’s online presence is aligned with its core values, fostering authenticity and building stronger customer relationships.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Managing an effective online marketing campaign demands considerable time and resources. Outsourcing this responsibility to a specialised agency allows a business’s internal team to focus on core business activities. This boosts overall efficiency and saves costs associated with hiring and training an in-house marketing team.

Scalability and Flexibility: As a business grows, so do its marketing needs. An online marketing agency in Melbourne can seamlessly scale its marketing efforts to accommodate growth. Whether launching a new product, expanding to new markets, or simply aiming for enhanced brand recognition, the agency can adapt its strategies to align with the evolving goals.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Staying ahead in the digital landscape requires access to the latest tools and technologies. Reputable online marketing agencies invest in state-of-the-art software and analytics platforms to optimise their campaigns. By harnessing these technologies, they can provide valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing for data-driven decision-making.

Multichannel Approach: Successful internet marketing isn’t confined to a single platform. An effective strategy involves a mix of channels, from social media and search engines to pay-per-click marketing. A Melbourne-based agency understands the local digital ecosystem and can strategically distribute your marketing efforts across platforms to maximise reach and impact.

Measurement and Analysis: The ability to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is crucial for refining strategies and achieving better results over time. internet marketing agencies utilise advanced analytics tools to track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide comprehensive reports. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to make informed decisions and optimise their marketing efforts continually.

Stay Ahead of Trends: The digital landscape is constantly evolving, with new trends and technologies emerging regularly. An online marketing agency in Melbourne is well-equipped to stay updated with these changes, ensuring your business remains at the forefront of industry trends. This proactive approach helps your brand maintain relevance and adapt swiftly to changing consumer behaviours.

internet marketing company Australia

Collaboration and Creativity: Partnering with an internet marketing company in Australia fosters a collaborative environment where creative ideas flourish. These agencies often bring together diverse talents from various backgrounds, encouraging innovative thinking that can set your marketing campaigns apart from the competition.


With the rapid advancement of technology and the ever-expanding digital realm, effective online marketing has become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to thrive. For companies based in Melbourne, a bustling hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, harnessing the power of digital marketing is essential.

To achieve the desired results in these challenging times, partnering with an internet marketing company like Sharp Instincts would be the perfect choice. We offer many benefits that align perfectly with the local market and audience behaviour. From expertise and local market insight to scalability and cutting-edge technology, we are well-equipped to propel your business forward in the digital realm. By collaborating your online marketing efforts with us, you will gain a competitive edge and open the door to endless possibilities for your brand’s success. Contact us now at 1800 512 124 or request a proposal.

The Importance of a Web Design and Development Company in Australia

Web design and Development company


In today’s digital age, a business’s online presence often creates the quintessential first impression on potential customers. Thus, web design and development have become critical growth drivers for businesses to attract and retain customers. Australia is known for its thriving digital landscape, as a result of which the importance of web design & development companies cannot be overstated.

The lack of a structured and well-maintained website may lead to the following challenges:

  • Low traffic, conversion, and engagement rates
  • Difficult navigation
  • Inability to reach its target audience as it’s not optimised for different devices
  • Limited ability to grow in size and reputation

These factors eventually impact the business’s overall success.

This blog will delve deep into why web development is essential for businesses of all sizes. It will highlight the criticality of having a responsive and innovative website to help companies succeed in the highly competitive online marketplace. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

The First Impression is the Last

The adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” may hold true in some contexts, but initial impressions matter for websites. Users generally form their opinion about a website the first time they land. A visually appealing, well-organized, and user-friendly website instantly establishes credibility and professionalism. All of this is possible owing to efficient and innovative web design.

Web designing encompasses the visual aspects of a website, including layout, colour scheme, imagery, fonts, and typography. In Australia, where competition across industries is fierce, having a website that stands out positively can emerge as the key distinguishing factor for a business. This is where a professional website development company in Australia comes into play. They understand the nuances of creating a design aligning with a company’s branding and engaging its target audience effectively.

Web design Australia

Web Designing: Improved User Experience and Navigation

Web development focuses more on a website’s functionality and user experience than aesthetics. A well-developed website ensures smooth navigation, quick loading times, and responsiveness across various devices and screen sizes. In current times, the majority of users access websites through mobile devices. Therefore, responsive design has become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Businesses must cater to user preferences in Australia, where a sizable portion of the population is highly tech-savvy. A web development Australia can optimise a website’s performance, ensuring users have a seamless experience. This enhances user satisfaction and improves search engine rankings, as search engines prioritise user-friendly websites.

Improved Search Engine Visibility

An aesthetically designed and functional website is effective when it’s discoverable by potential users. This is where search engine optimisation will help. SEO involves optimising various website elements to improve its visibility on search engines like Google.

A reliable web design and development company in Australia understands the importance of incorporating SEO best practices into the design and development process. They can ensure that the website’s structure, content, and coding are optimised for search engines, helping the business rank higher in search results. Improved search engine visibility translates to increased organic traffic, which can lead to more leads and conversions.

Smart Web Development for Brand Consistency

A brand must maintain a consistent brand image to build trust and recognition. Every aspect of a company’s online presence should reflect its brand identity, from the logo and colour palette to the tone of voice used in the content. A professional web development Melbourne can ensure these elements are seamlessly integrated into the website.

Adapting Technological Advancements

The digital landscape constantly evolves, with new technologies and design trends emerging regularly. Businesses need to stay up-to-date with these changes to remain relevant and competitive. A reputable website development Australia is well-versed in the latest trends and technologies.

Whether implementing interactive elements, incorporating video content, or integrating e-commerce functionalities, staying current with technological advancements can significantly enhance a website’s appeal and functionality. By partnering with a knowledgeable company, businesses can ensure that their websites remain modern and aligned with industry standards.

Web Development Australia

A Mobile-Friendly Approach

As mentioned earlier, mobile responsiveness is no longer an option but a necessity. With mobile internet usage surpassing desktop usage, businesses must cater to users who access websites via smartphones and tablets. A professional website development Melbourne company can implement responsive design principles, ensuring the website functions seamlessly on various devices.

A mobile-friendly website is essential for reaching a broader audience in Australia, where connectivity is widespread and mobile devices are omnipresent. A website that offers a smooth experience on mobile devices is more likely to retain visitors and convert them into customers.


A solid online presence is imperative in Australia’s dynamic and competitive business landscape. Web design and development companies play a pivotal role in creating and maintaining websites that resonate with the target audience, drive engagement, and facilitate business growth. From making a positive first impression to ensuring optimal user experience and search engine visibility, these companies are instrumental in helping businesses succeed digitally. By recognising the significance of these services and partnering with experienced professionals, Australian companies can effectively leverage the power of the internet to achieve their goals.

If you’re looking for website design or Web development services in Melbourne, Australia, Sharp Instincts would be the perfect digital marketing agency to assist you. We can create websites on WordPress, Magento, and ASP. Contact us now at 1800 512 124 or request a proposal.

Why Digital Marketing Agencies Need to Migrate to GA4

Why Digital Marketing Agencies Need to Migrate to GA4


In today’s digital landscape, data is the fuel that drives successful marketing strategies. The power to analyse and recognise user behaviour is essential for businesses to maintain their competitive edge. As marketing agencies strive to deliver exceptional results, it’s crucial to adopt the latest tools and technological advancements that empower them to make data-driven decisions. One such tool that has gained significant attention is Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

In this short read, we will explore why marketing agencies need to make the transition to GA4 as well as look at the benefits it offers in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

Safeguard your agency: GA4 epitomises the future of analytics. With the continuously growing concerns over privacy and the increasing reliance on mobile apps and cross-device tracking, Google introduced GA4 as a more advanced and privacy-focused analytics resolution. By migrating to GA4, marketing agencies can future-proof their operations and ensure they stay ahead of the game in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Superior cross-platform tracking: In this digital age, customers interact with brands through various mediums, including websites, mobile apps, social media, and offline channels. The current Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) falls short in tracking user behaviour across different platforms, making it sometimes challenging to understand the complete customer journey. GA4, on the other hand, offers enhanced cross-platform tracking, enabling marketing agencies to gain a comprehensive view of customer interactions to help make data-backed decisions to optimise marketing strategy efforts.

Digital Marketing migrating to GA4

Advanced machine learning capabilities: One of the critical advancements in GA4 is its incorporation of advanced machine learning models. GA4 can provide valuable insights into user behaviour, customer segmentation, and predictive analytics by elevating machine learning algorithms. Marketing agencies can use this data to uncover hidden patterns, identify high-value customers, and optimise campaigns for better performance. These advanced capabilities allow agencies to deliver highly personalised and targeted marketing strategies that resonate with their client’s audience.

Intense focus on the customer lifecycle: GA4 introduces events-based tracking that shifts the focus from pageviews to user interactions. This approach enables marketing agencies to understand the complete customer lifecycle by tracking specific actions users take within an app or website. By tracking events such as sign-ups, purchases, or video views, agencies can gain a much better user engagement perspective and optimise marketing efforts accordingly. This granular level of data empowers agencies to tailor their strategies to different stages of the customer journey, resulting in improved conversions and customer satisfaction.

Increased data privacy and compliance: As privacy regulations tighten globally, it becomes crucial for marketing agencies to prioritise data privacy and compliance. GA4 addresses these concerns by offering more robust data control and privacy features. With GA4, agencies can ensure they are collecting and handling user data in a privacy-friendly manner, respecting user consent preferences and meeting regulatory requirements. By adopting GA4, marketing agencies can demonstrate their commitment to data privacy, building trust with clients and end-users alike.

Universal Analytics to GA4

In this fast-paced, ever-evolving world of digital marketing, it’s imperative for marketing agencies to embrace the latest tools and advanced technologies that empower them to deliver outstanding results. GA4 offers a host of advanced features, including cross-platform tracking, machine learning capabilities, customer lifecycle insights, and enhanced data privacy controls.

By transitioning to GA4, marketing agencies can safeguard their operations, unlock valuable insights, and stay ahead in this competitive landscape. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to move over to GA4 and embark on a data-driven marketing journey that propels your agency and your clients toward success.

GA4 will replace universal analytics from July 1, 2023. If you haven’t yet familiarised yourself with the benefits of this new system, get in touch with Sharp Instincts today for a simplified and tailored discussion designed to leverage your brand’s online presence.

Unleashing the Power of TikTok in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

TikTok in Your Digital Marketing Strategy


It’s no secret that TikTok has its users captivated through the platform’s seemingly endless stream of content and has been commanding the attention of viewers for quite some time through their unique business model of showcasing interesting, educational and entertaining content available in the platform’s For You page – but how did it reach such great heights so fast?

Whether you’re a business looking to leverage your brand through another soon-to-be marketing giant, or whether you’re a passive user who finds themselves deep in the depths of ‘clean tok’ at 11 pm, fascinated by satisfying videos of users own home-#hacks, there’s no doubt that this platform has captivated your attention – so how to capitalise on and monetise your business’ presence here?

Today we want to address your burning questions about this platform, which can help you make an informed decision about whether this platform should be incorporated into your overall digital marketing strategy.

So, what is TikTok? Let’s visit the platform’s history and look at how it quickly became a social media giant.

Brief History of TikTok – and how it continues to evolve!

Before TikTok became TikTok, it was called It was a short-form video app that mostly focused on lip-syncing content and gained significant popularity at the time. When it was acquired by ByteDance in 2018, the name was changed to TikTok and has since grown exponentially in terms of popularity and user count.

According to the latest TikTok stats, the app has been installed 3 billion times. It also boasts 1 billion active users on a monthly basis. This is impressive, considering that the platform only had about 133 million monthly active users when it was first introduced in 2018. The significant user growth speaks volumes about the platform’s popularity and engaging nature.

Moreover, the platform is no longer just for lip-syncing. Creators on the platform are getting extremely creative with their content, putting together funny sketches and informative videos. Entertainment and dance continue to be the most popular types of videos on TikTok. But you can also find plenty of educational content covering topics ranging from health to investing.

The platform also continues to grow in terms of features and capabilities. For instance, TikTok videos could originally be only up to 15 seconds. The platform has since extended this limit to allow up to 10 minutes of videos–up from the original extension of up to 3 minutes.

Considering how it’s evolved over time and especially with the video length extension, TikTok will soon be set to compete with long-form video platforms such as YouTube, and now that TikTok has surpassed 1 billion monthly active users, it’s quickly catching up with Instagram as one of the leading social media platforms.

How TikTok works

How TikTok works

Two of the biggest reasons why TikTok became so big so fast is due to;

Celebrity participation

The abundance of features available to enhance videos

Through a combination of celebrity participation (i.e., challenges and vlogging) as well as the platform’s incorporation of multiple features which aid in building high engagement, TikTok provides users more freedom and creativity to express themselves through their video content, as well as provides a social space where interacting with celebrities and keeping up with their everyday lives is both simple to navigate as well as tailored through the algorithm for dedicated followers to be presented with their favourite and most viewed content as soon as you launch the app.

This ingenuity keeps TikTokers interested and on the app, which means more eyes on ads and the more likely businesses are able to monetise their accounts through the app.

How TikTok videos go viral

The best way to try and have your video go viral on TikTok is to utilise the platform’s unique features, which allow users to create original content whilst piggybacking off content that has achieved high engagement and may have already gone viral. A great way to start is to create either a stitch or duet using existing content and include your own creative take on this by adding to the existing video. A great way to do this is by participating in viral challenges or by providing your opinion by coming from a professional/educational standpoint.

So now that you’ve familiarised yourself with the basics of how to kick-start your TikTok journey, you can decide whether this platform might be a great fit for your business’s overall digital marketing strategy.

Sharp Instincts is your complete marketing partner. For more information on how we can help you build your business through strategic and performance-based marketing, be in touch with us today.

How TikTok videos go viral


Will Tiktok be banned in Australia?

Presently, the Victorian State Government has banned TikTok on all government devices due to potential security concerns. The platform is still used otherwise for personal and professional use.

What Tiktok hashtags to use

In order to try and maximise your content and with aim for your video to go viral, you should use a combination of the below listed popular hashtags, depending on the type of video you are creating:

  • #foryou
  • #foryoupage
  • #fyp
  • #duet
  • #viralvideos
  • #trending
  • #comedy
  • #funnyvideos
  • #tiktokchallenge

Tiktok or Instagram for business?

This very much depends on where your audience spends their time. A good rule of thumb is, if your target demographic is young, may fit into the Gen Z subculture, is digitally minded and are likely to pursue your brand and its products or services based on the above, TikTok might be the best platform for you to market your business.

If your target demographic, however, might be a little older such as Millennials, if they appreciate both videos and static-image posts/carousels where information is written as opposed to verbalised, or even if you’re not completely sure where your audience spends their time, Instagram might be the place for you to market your business.

The reason for this is, as Instagram falls under the Meta umbrella, and is owned by Facebook, this existing marketing giant already has a well-established presence. Still, he reigns supreme when it comes to where most digitally-minded individuals spend their time; Instagram and Facebook might be where you should invest your efforts.