Relevant Content

Creating the right content that your target market wants to read that also ranks is a well sought after skill. In order to strike the right balance, we work with you to understand who your customers are, what are they interested in and what will resonate with them. We then create content that speaks to your target audience which creates high levels of engagement.

Audience Selection

Finding and determining the right audience and customer segment for your brand can often be overlooked. Understanding who is the right target group to focus on and leverage from will help shape your digital success. We analyse the possible target audiences and combined with an understanding of your business objectives, effectively target customers that drive results.

Channel Selection

Deciding where your content is found is as important as the creation of the content itself. Your content needs to be where the audience is. Based on the audience or customer that you’ve selected, we’ll deliver your message to the right type of customers honing in on demographics, location or interests. Whether it’s social media channel, topical blog sites or a certain section of your website, we’ll make sure the content reaches your audience effectively.

Integrated Communication

Just like a person, each brand holds a persona in the eyes of a customer. You may be promoting your business across multiple channels, however maintaining a consistent brand position is crucial in getting your message across. Sharp Instincts will ensure that your message is consistent wherever and whenever your brand is mentioned. Your branding needs to maintain its consistency across all elements from a one line basic advertisement to a fully fledged video production. Our expert team ensure your customers get a consistent look and feel of your brand wherever the touch point.