What is Google Remarketing?

Google Remarketing can help businesses by showcasing your ads to customers who have been to your website, helping your business convert at a higher rate. If someone has already shown an interest in your business and you have not engaged with them effectively, you are at a greater chance of losing them to a competitor. If you are struggling to convert a visitor into a customer, you will need to focus on better advertising, brand perception techniques, value messaging and on-page content. A digital marketing agency can help you engage in proven remarketing strategies that may convert a recent visitor into a paying customer, if executed correctly. The Google remarketing functionality is used by millions of businesses who want to secure sales with visitors who have stopped short of making a purchase through the shopping cart. It works by providing targeted advertising of the same business to the visitor that frequented that website recently.

You might be wondering why you would remarket to a visitor who has lost interest in your business? Was our offer not compelling enough? Did we not provide enough information to the customer to help them purchase? All of these are possible reasons, however the most common reasons center on users getting distracted or are simply evaluating a number of options before purchasing. The reason therefore that Google Remarketing is so powerful is that it retargets your message to buyers when they are in the consideration set and evaluating options. By showcasing your brand and keeping it top of mind, this gives us the best opportunity to get the eventual sale. Keep your business at the front of their mind with targeted remarketing so that they are enticed to learn more and choose you over competitors. Google’s remarketing product is a tool that every business should have in their arsenal.

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What are the key questions to consider when crafting a Google Remarketing Strategy?


Which locations, suburbs or regions are we targeting?

Will we use different strategies based on localities?

Is our remarketing strategy linked with our overall SEM strategy?


What’s our budget allocation for Google Remarketing?

Are we running Google remarketing all the time or intermittently?

How does our remarketing spend for Google differ to social media?


What is our expected conversion rate from remarketing ads?

What is the best way to run remarketing for our products?

Where are the opportunities for our business with remarketing?


Does our product imagery adhere to the guidelines for remarketing?

Are we retargeting with dynamic display or general display?


Do we have all the necessary feeds & code in place?

Are we implementing through Google Tag Manager or utilising another methodology?


How are we measuring success for Google remarketing?

How are we aligning our Google Ads remarketing results with business performance?

Why use Google Remarketing?

Is there value in adding Google Remarketing?

There are many shoppers out there who need a bit more convincing to choose the products they require and pay. Most know what they want but will hesitate until they find a deal that they are satisfied with. Due to increasing competition in the market, shoppers are bombarded with many options. It is not their fault! So, how does each business stay front of mind among those in their target market? Well, it all starts with a leading digital marketing strategy that has been implemented and continuously improved over time.

This strategy should include remarketing techniques because capturing a potential customer while in the consideration set gives you best chance of success. Do not assume that a visitor to your website had no interest in your business because they browsed and left your site. Think about how you can better communicate your brand, products and purpose so that they are encouraged to revisit or spread the word to their family and friends.

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Will Google Remarketing help my business?

There is a lot to Google Remarketing than first meets the eye. You will need to consider how you can use the functionality to improve your website’s potential. Think about a web user who would like to purchase a dress. That user has browsed many websites but cannot make up their mind. If one of the websites that user browsed was your business, you could remarket not only your business to that user but other types of dresses that might be of interest. You could then include free delivery or a bonus gift if the user makes a purchase within a day. Since they are a potential customer, your strategy will have a greater effect. This is only one example of hundreds that can be developed to use remarketing techniques to your advantage. 

With this tailored advertising approach that is unique to the visitor, you can also consider how to optimise your website so that it performs exactly as the user would expect. This is the beauty behind digital marketing if operationalised well. You can take control over each user’s interaction with your website and tailor the experience so that they are intrigued and enticed to spend. Once you understand their behaviour, you can deliver an exceptional offer which they will not ignore. This is where the magic begins with targeted advertising as it will help to increase repeat visitors, build trust with your brand, develop loyal customers and then help contribute to word of mouth marketing acceleration. 

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Why partner with Sharp Instincts for Google Remarketing?

We can help optimise your website to work seamlessly with Google’s remarketing functionality. With a few changes to your website’s source code, we can enable the cookies function on a user’s device to engage with your business’s remarketing list or web history. When a user visits a website with this code enabled and we are running an active Google Ads campaign, your ad will appear in front of that customer. The user will be reminded about your business offering and reconsider purchasing your product or service. We can also help you devise strategic ads that are not repetitive, dominant or plain.

Whether the ad is about your business in general, an available product or a tailored offer, we can construct any type of campaign you want to focus on your target market and the visitors that have frequented your site. This will help set your business apart while triggering a memory recollection in the user about why they wanted to engage with your business in the first place.

Google Remarketing Agency

Our goal at Sharp Instincts is to implement strategies that will elevate your brand presence and sales potential. Remarketing is a strategic and targeted methodology to engage with your visitors. Reinvigorate sales appetite in your visitors by letting them know why your business is important and how you can help them achieve what they desire. To learn more about how we can promote your brand, generate product awareness, increase sales and get more leads call us today on 1800 189 787. We’re the Google remarketing agency that brings you out of the box results

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Google Remarketing Agency – FAQ’s

Google remarketing is an extremely effective marketing tool that works. By reminding customers who are in the consideration set for a potential purchase, you dramatically increase the likelihood of them purchasing your product.

Key factors in determining a successful Google remarketing campaign include quality imagery, expert campaign creation, correct implementation of merchant center product feed as well as understanding the appropriate budget allocation.

Google remarketing has shown to have a higher conversion rate, lower cost of conversion and higher engagement that normal search or display ads. Correctly applying and measuring Google Remarketing should definitely be part of your overall Google campaign budget.

Google Partner agencies are verified and preferred partners that Google believe has the skills to deliver for your business. Choosing a partner that is a Google Partner is preferred, however the key focuses of any agency in this area should be on transparency, conversion costs and aligning results to your business objectives.

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