Why use Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping allows you to visually showcase your products by pulling a feed through from your website and displaying them above organic search results. There is no point investing in advertisements that do not lead to greater sales. Businesses face the continuous dilemma of setting aside a large advertising budget, and then realising the effect of the implementation of their advertising program was minimal on their net sales. Don’t let this happen to your business. Engage a digital marketing agency that can optimise your online shop to reach the masses in a targeted manner and deliver a higher conversion rate. With Google Ads Shopping, you can promote your products visually to users of the web who are conducting relevant searches. Instead of only marketing your products through your website, eCommerce store and Google Ads, leverage the Google Shopping feature for greater reach and traction. 

Google’s search function includes a shopping tab which enables businesses to advertise their goods in prime and optimal positions on Google’s shopping webpage. Since many businesses take advantage of this feature, it is important to recruit the experts who can undertake Google Shopping optimisation so that your efforts translate into growing sales. We use the data from Google’s search system, together with competitor analysis, market insights, customer behaviour analytics and sales data to help you position your products in front of the right people at the right time. To reap the benefits of this function, you need to engage a professional who understands Google, its functionalities and the Google Merchant Centre. Without this knowledge, implementing, managing and optimising Google Shopping Ads is almost insurmountable.

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What are the key questions to consider when crafting a Google Shopping Strategy?


Which locations, suburbs or regions are we targeting?

Will we use different strategies based on localities?

Is our Google Shopping strategy working with our SEM strategy?


What’s our budget allocation for Google Shopping?

How are we splitting up our budget between various shopping campaigns?

What should our SEM budget be?


What insights can we learn from product research?

Where opportunities for our business exist with Google Shopping?

What product tagging strategies are we employing?


How are we pulling through the product data from our site?

Are we running all our products through the feed or just some?


Are we running Google Shopping Ads all the time or intermittently?

What strategies are we utilising to measure the effectiveness of our Google Shopping Ads?


How are we measuring success of our Google Shopping Ads?

How are we aligning our Google Shopping results with business performance?

What is Google Shoppings Ads?

How does Google Shopping work?

Google Shopping is a platform developed by Google to make it easier for users of the web to search for products on sale offered by various retailers. This provides an amazing channel to attract customers to your business who might not otherwise navigate directly to your website or eCommerce platform. The Google platform enables comparative marketing so that all similar product types are shown together when a user makes a particular search through Google. As a customer who wants to showcase their ads on Google Shopping, you will need to have a Google Ads account, Google Merchant Centre account and a data feed that pulls your products from your website through to the Google Merchant Centre. There is a fair amount of complexity around setting up the campaign, managing a shopping feed and optimising a Google Shopping campaign. We would recommend speaking to a digital agency to ensure this is completed correctly to ensure you get the best Return On Investment (ROI).

Recent times has seen Google promote these Shopping Ads even more prominently, so ensuring this is part of your digital marketing strategy is becoming increasingly important. With comparison marketing like Google Shopping, it is crucial that your ad displays well, shines through and receives more clicks than your competitors. To achieve this, a digital marketing agency will work with you to build the data to support the ads so that they display correctly and accurately.

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Why is Google Shopping important for your business?

Google Shopping is important because many customers are typically less loyal than they used to be, particularly in the online space. Unless the brand has garnered significant appreciation by a customer, most will shop around until they find either the item they like or the price they like. When a user searches for a ‘coffee machine’ through Google Shopping, it will bring up coffee machines available for sale and users can filter by popularity, price, posting date, location, etc. Each ad is displayed as a thumbnail with a graphic and light text. This is helpful for users who want to avoid text heavy pages and prefer imagery to capture their attention. According to Google, businesses that use the shopping functionality experience a 30% higher conversion rate.

Based on a conversion rate alone, this should provide a powerful incentive for businesses to try Google Shopping despite the initial up front costs to set it up. Our experience has shown that Google Shopping works for a large number of industries, but not necessarily all industries. If you do engage in Google Shopping, you will also have the option to utilise Google Shopping Remarketing. This allows you to re-target those customers who have looked at a product or products by showing your image ad again. We have found this to be very powerful in helping businesses garner extra “lost” sales.

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How does Google Shopping fit in with other Google Ad types?

Google offers a suite of solutions that relate to Google Ads. All the solutions have a unique role to play so that when you integrate them together, they achieve better results for your business. The synergy generated through a combined solution approach will generally result in the best outcome for the business. For example, the Google Display Network enables you to market your business and products before the user shows an interest in your product range. These advertisements position your business in a strategic manner and target those who are more likely to be interested in your business. Together with the GDN functionality, you can separately advertise through Google Shopping and only pay a fee if the user clicks on your ad. This multi-stream approach is crucial in the digital age when every business is trying to market their products in any way possible.

Through Google’s Merchant Centre, we can help you embrace the functions offered by Google to retail businesses. We make it easy to navigate through all the available solutions, choose the ones that will work for your campaign, develop an approach targeted to your requirements and implement it with success. Once we begin, we help you by assessing your product imagery and descriptions. We will ensure that your products are clearly described, with high resolution images and supporting data. This can all be done through a seamless integration so that Google knows exactly which ads to display when a user makes a search. We understand how to optimise the data feed so that users are immediately presented with your products over your competitors. Through linking your Google AdWords account, we can effectively increase traction, brand awareness and sales of your products. Finally with Google Shopping remarketing we can help you capture potential lost sales by showing your ad to those users who have visited you website.

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Why engage Sharp Instincts for Google Shopping Ads Management?

At Sharp Instincts, we are experts at google shopping ads management and Google Ads. As a certified partner agency we understand the complexity around setting up, managing and optimising Google Shopping Campaigns. We can help any business who sells products list their inventory on Google Shopping. We provide honest, transparent and helpful advice so that you are well informed on all decisions we are making on your behalf. We understand that marketing is difficult and want to make the process smooth and easy with our experience, skills and knowledge. Our customer first approach ensures that we are readily available and happy to work with you to achieve your business goals.

With our expert knowledge of Google Ads & Google Shopping, we will help your business take advantage of our strengths. We will provide clear cut reporting and advice so that we can steer you in the right direction. No task is too little or too great and we approach each request with the same level of drive, passion, creativity and innovation. For a confidential and no obligation discussion, call us on 1800 189 787.

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Google Shopping Ads Management – FAQ’s

A Google Shopping feed is the list of your products that you wish to showcase on Google Search results. The Google Shopping ‘feed’ will pull out all the necessary information such as type, brand etc that needs to be associated with the product. Once the feed is connected through the Google Merchant Centre it can be utilised across the Google Ads network.

Google Shopping ads require a few key elements including the product imagery, Google Ads account, Google Merchant Centre account and a data feed that pulls your products from your website through to the Google Merchant Centre. The process of setting this up is quite complex and we would suggest seeking some professional help to ensure it is done correctly.

Key factors in determining a successful Google shopping campaign include implementation of website feed, setup of the merchant center, product optimisation, image optimisation, campaign creation coupled with definitive measurements for success.

Google Shopping Ads are becoming increasingly important to your overall Google Ads strategy. An increased frequency in Google displaying these ads coupled with low conversion costs means all product led businesses should have this as part of their strategy.

Optimising Google Shopping campaigns involves ensuring all the current information is firstly flowing through to the Google Merchant Centre. Secondly, you need to set up the campaign correctly on Google Ads to give you the best chance at appearing in relevant searches and then converting them. Finally, optimising the campaign within Google Ads utilising various bidding and optimisation strategies will help consistently lower the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

There are a number of Google Certified ad management agencies in Melbourne. Based on our results and our ability to consistently to lower clients Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), I would say Sharp Instincts is amount the best Google Ads agencies in Melbourne!

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