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Why is Mobile SEO important?

Crafting mobile-friendly user experiences to maximise business sales, bookings and engagement.

Mobile Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies require an understanding of the SEO strategy for the business coupled with a particular focus on mobile user experience & speed. Many people browse the internet on their mobile device at all times of the day. Whether they own a mobile phone, tablet or both, making your website accessible to those who use a mobile device is critical to the success of your engagement with visitors and qualified customers. If you do not optimise your website and platform for mobile application, you are missing out on prospective clients who are on the go and keen to engage with your business. The more accessible you make your business to the public, the higher your conversion rate will be. While you might be wondering how a mobile SEO strategy is any different to a generic SEO strategy, there are key differences that can provide great value to your business if designed, implemented and managed well.

Approximately 87% of Australians own a mobile phone that has smart capabilities. This means that many people will spend more time browsing websites on their mobile device compared to a desktop or laptop. Think about this. A user might be on the train heading into work, walking through the park after a long day, or lounging about during the middle of the day for a relaxing lunch. There are many circumstances when a user will need to browse the internet or use an app when they are away from their desktop or laptop. Mobile connectivity is growing, and technology and telecommunications providers are continuously investing in better infrastructure, greater accessibility and faster speeds. This provides organisations with the platform to develop user-friendly, refined and feature-enabled websites and platforms that will help to connect better with their audience.

What does Mobile SEO require?

Mobile first strategies

Failing to take a mobile-first strategy means you will likely miss out on a large database of potential customers, visitor engagement and sales. Optimising your website to work effectively and seamlessly across mobile devices must be a key consideration before investing in SEO for Mobile Devices. Our recommendation would be you need to take this approach to your website before starting to spend on mobile SEO. Some examples of things to test for a mobile-first strategy include testing on various devices, page load speed on mobile, user experience on mobile and the ease of ability to contact you on the mobile directly from your website.

Being a leading Mobile SEO Agency we continuously service clients who want to add mobile enhancement features to their website or platform because they understand the value that the investment has provided to their business’s bottom line. If a user does try to browse your website on their mobile device and it appears messy, clunky or poorly managed, you will most likely lose their attention and your reputation in their eyes will be compromised.

How will a mobile SEO strategy help my business?

Crafting a mobile SEO strategy to align with your desktop SEO strategy will help your business get results. A successful business will be able to carefully articulate how they are different to their competitors. With that insight and knowledge, we effectively translate that into appropriate content, keyword integration, audio and visual enhancements, links to relevant sites, tags, filters, and search functionality optimisation to help you rank for mobile-related searches. We maximise the impact of your unique value proposition without detracting its meaning. Our unique approach will focus on business performance and revenue to ensure that SEO mobile and general SEO results are aligned with business performance.

Being a leading mobile SEO agency, we ensure you develop the best strategy for your business that has never been more critical. Beginning with improving your mobile user experience for your website coupled with our expertise, strategies and tactics, our mobile SEO Agency will help you rank for mobile SEO searches. Our consistent focus on a partnership approach based on your business objectives will ensure that we help you with a long term sustainable mobile SEO solution for your business.

How can we help your mobile SEO strategy?

As a digital marketing agency, it would be remiss of us not to promote the benefits of mobile engagement. Any digital marketing strategy must now be driven by the power of mobile and applications. Users are consistently preferring to engage with a mobile or tablet over a desktop because it is user-friendly, quick, easy and personalised to their preferences. With all the benefits, you will need to make your business accessible to those who use a mobile device. Whether you need a new website built or an existing website re-designed and enhanced, we can help with both. Being a top-rated mobile SEO Agency we will take what you have done and effectively transform the experience for a mobile setting.

Our Mobile SEO Agency Melbourne experts will then apply techniques to optimise your exposure and increase your conversion rate. Our technicians, engineers and advisors understand exactly how mobile users engage with their device, what triggers their fancy, how search engines function and what user experience should be offered. Not only do we optimise text, but the audio-visual content and speech recognition accessibility so that users can navigate to your website easily without typing a letter or word. Being a trusted Melbourne mobile SEO agency we try to make each possible avenue work speedily because research shows that users want accessibility fast and without errors. Any delays and you will lose the visitor’s interest which potentially means a lost sale and an easy win for a competitor. Do not let this happen to your business!

Now has never been a more important time to develop a leading mobile SEO strategy for your business. Whether you are a new, growing or established business, we can elevate your business’s potential with a tailored and customised approach that will help you to connect far and wide with your target market. Make your users’ experience all the better with an optimised website or platform that offers an amazing environment for the user to learn about your business, browse your products and connect with you. Talk to the experts today! For a confidential and no-obligation discussion, call us on 1800 512 124.

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