Bespoke Strategy

Your business is unique, and our social media is focused on creating the avenues for long term growth that are aligned with your business goals. At Sharp Instincts, we’ll provide you with expert advice, best practices, reports and in-depth analysis before we put forward a strategy for your business.

Social Media Calendar

Social media is a hungry beast. It’s always after new and fresh content. You need to continuously post and update your audience to remain top-of-mind and relevant in their lives. At Sharp Instincts, our dedicated team of creative writers and designers will plan your social media calendar and schedule content in advance. This saves you time from having to manage your social media accounts but also ensure that your social media followers are kept on their toes through interesting content.

Get to your audience

With hundreds of platform that your audience engages in, it’s tough to know how to get to them. At Sharp Instincts, we’ll start by understanding who your audience is, how old they are they, their influencers and understanding what information they after and when. Once we know who they are, we’ll push out the content the way they want to digest it and serve it to them on the platform they will be on.

Regular Reporting

We’ll set goals before we begin the work so we can measure the success of everything we do. The goals will be set in consultation with you and what your business aims to achieve. Whether it’s more followers, more visits to your website or more customer engagement, we’ll make sure we measure it. We’ll also provide you access to the back end of the analytics and give you the transparency. But we’ll also provide you with the reporting, analytics and interpretation in an easily digestible manner.