What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads provides targeted audience advertising that showcases your ad to users based on demographics or interests to try drive traffic, leads or sales. Facebook has helped digital marketing strategists and agencies add another marketing channel to accurately target their customer base. Marketing through Facebook is now one of the most important tools available given how many people use Facebook for social interaction, information gathering, learning opportunities and finding products to acquire. Targeted marketing offered through Facebook makes it a powerful and useful mechanism to showcase a business’s goods or services to your target market.

Facebook’s database allows you to target users who are most likely to engage in your business based on their interests, social activity and online behaviour. Creating, measuring and optimising Facebook Advertising does require skills, knowledge of the platform and an excellent understanding of the targeting options available. For the process to work effectively, we suggest you engage a dedicated digital marketing specialist or an experienced Facebook Advertising Agency which knows what works and how to actively get your message to the right consumers. 

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What are the key questions to consider when building a Facebook Ads Strategy?


Which postcodes, suburbs or states are we targeting?

Will our strategy be location based or audience based?

Does our ad scheduling align with our business operating hours?


What’s our budget allocation for the Facebook Ads network

Are we running Facebook Ads all the time or intermittently?

Our we targeting based on CPM or conversions?


How are we targeting our audience? Does it include Groups?

Are we targeting across both Facebook & Instagram Ads?

How does the cost of Facebook Ads compare to Google Ads?


What are our primary objectives from our social ads?

Are we trying to drive purchases in-store, via social or via our website?


Are our Facebook ads compelling & concise to entice users to click?

How does our ads look across the varying sizes and platforms?


How are we measuring success for Facebook Ads?

Are we aligning our Facebook Ads results with performance?

Why use Facebook Ads?

What is the opportunity with Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising offers an expertly targeted marketing channel if you know how to leverage the platform correctly. The opportunities that Facebook offers centres on the ability to demographically target customers who have either liked, engaged or follow groups that are related to your business. Once we understand who we are willing to target we can decide on the type of campaign we wish to run. Are we focusing on ‘awareness’, ‘consideration’ or ‘conversion’? Each campaign objective has various targeting options that exist within it. For example, if our goal is ‘consideration’, are we trying to obtain more traffic, engagement, app installs, videos, lead generation or direct messages? Once we have chosen our preferred objective, we can utilise Facebooks’ vast database to conduct A/B ad testing, location targeting, audience targeting, budget and ad placements. All of these help your business accurately target the right sort of consumers making it a large untapped resource for a lot of businesses.

So how can you use Facebook to help generate leads, increase your conversion rate and overcome the noise and competition that exists on Facebook? A digital marketing strategist can help you engage in targeted marketing campaigns, derive marketing analytics and use others features on Facebook that can help you attract paying customers. Facebook marketing should be part of your overall marketing mix and analysed in a similar vein meaning Return On Investment (ROI), traffic to your website and engagement are some of the popular metrics when analysing performance. 

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Will Facebook deliver a good ROI?

Facebook advertising when managed correctly through expert targeting and analysis will deliver a positive ROI. Without thorough analysis and expertise however, including an accurate use of Facebook’s features and market research, the overall results will not be so positive. When you engage a digital marketing specialist like us (Facebook Advertising Agency), we take time to understand your business and what value proposition your business would like to communicate to the market. We spend time with you to learn about your goods and services so that when we undertake a Facebook advertising campaign or review Facebook marketing analytics, we know exactly what we should be looking for. This helps you to stand out from your competitors and ensures we are focusing on the appropriate aspects of your campaign.

Once we have learned more about your business, we then follow the process Facebook has set to develop a targeted marketing campaign. We help you define the objective of your campaign and consider the market you want to target. This will help your organisation to promote your goods and services to individuals who have interests in the same or similar products. For example, a user might share an interest in finance, and an organisation selling financial products may appeal to that user. Or, a user might be reading posts about food or viewing recipe videos, so a restaurant, takeaway or meal delivery organisation may appeal to that user. Facebook behavioural insights, user interests, and other features of a user’s interaction help Facebook build the algorithm that offers more meaningful targeting features to ad campaigns.

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Help customers find you through Facebook Ads

Unless a Facebook user has searched for your business through the Facebook platform and found you organically, most interactions with your business will be through advertisements or referrals. Facebook ads help you focus your business’s attention on the users who are most likely to engage with your business. You can develop personalised ads depending on the target market, or advertise to individuals who share similar interests to your existing customer database. Facebook has a strong interest in offering these solutions that help businesses integrate profitably with its ads campaign features. As the major driver of Facebook revenue, efforts to constantly improve its algorithm and accurately target your customers will help lift your conversion rate and sales. 

We are a digital marketing agency that understands how advertising through Facebook works. Rather than spending time figuring out the process for yourself, let us help you receive the results you deserve. Facebook continuously changes its algorithms, processes and other operating features which requires digital marketing experts like us to support you on your journey. We continuously keep up-to-date with all changes and developments so that we can serve you with the best support available. At Sharp Instincts, our qualified, experienced and specialised team can enhance your marketing strategy with Facebook advertising. Watch your business grow as we help your business take part in a leading marketing channel. For a no obligation and confidential discussion, please call us on 1800 189 787 to arrange a meeting.

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Facebook Advertising – FAQ’s

The average Click Through Rate (CTR) of Facebook Ads varies depending on the industry, ad type and conversion goal. The overall industry average is 0.9% for Facebook ads CTR. Our experience however is that if you are build the right creative, imagery and conversion action then 2-3% CTR is very achievable.

Key factors in determining a successful Facebook Ads campaign include campaign creation expertise, expert targeting of your audience, setting up and monitoring using the Facebook pixel, location targeting and utilising specific ad creation for the various platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Stories etc.)

Facebook Ads are relatively low cost and very effective for targeting customers. Facebook’s unique set of data around demographics, interests and engagement allows you to very accurately target customer’s in a way that Google Ads cannot. We would highly recommend trialling social ads to determine their effectiveness for your business.

Facebook Ads should be trialled as part of your overall paid ad campaign strategy. Being a Facebook Advertising Agency, we have seen excellent results for our clients who have achieved low cost leads, sales and traffic to help them achieve their business goals and objectives.

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