What is Magento Development

Magento development refers to building a custom solution or plugin for Magento’s open-source platform that will help solve a problem for a business. Magento 2 is a highly improved and optimised version of the Magento platform which has been ‘ sunsetted’ in June 2020. Magento is a powerful eCommerce platform development tool managed by Adobe. Magento has been enhanced with its latest version to help organisations and businesses create an engaging and shoppable experience. With the intention of boosting traffic and customer traction, Magento 2 offers users next-gen technology, a global partner ecosystem and a broad extensions marketplace to enable businesses to easily integrate and customise to the business requirements.

At Sharp Instincts, we use Magento for customers who are looking to create the ultimate eCommerce platform for their business or organisation, especially when they have a large number of products. Magento development projects and Magento websites will work well  when you have tiered pricing (e.g. retail, wholesale), want to focus on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or need a design and functionality framework that can be tailored and customised to suit your needs.

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Magento development projects

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What are the key considerations when engaging an agency for Magento development?


Do we have an accurate estimate on how many hours are required?

What sort of historical delivery of project hours have the completed?

What relevant examples of similar projects are there?


Does a solution already exist that we could utilise?

If we purchase a plugin how much customisation is required?

If there is a plugin is it from a widely reputed company?


What available documentation is there for the product?

Can we see examples of the documentation if it is custom?

Where will all the information be housed for ongoing management?


How is the project delivery versus milestones being managed?

What will be the payment arrangement for the milestones?


How are we managing the cost? Will it be total project or hourly?

What are the payment terms for the project?


How are we measuring success for the Magento development?

Are we aligning this dev. project to business performance?

Why you should hire Magento Development Agency for your Magento development project?

Magento is popular

Magento is popular, primarily because of its ability to handle a large suite of products. At Sharp Instincts, we have built and developed a number of Magento website & Magento development products. The platform is used by approximately 12% of all online stores globally and other key characteristics which make it a popular platform choice include its comprehensive tech features, breadth of customisation and depth of integration. Since it is an open source application, there is a growing community of developers creating add-ons and extensions that can be used to enhance your business. Extensions often still require customisation though to tailor them to your business needs or requirements. If you want a feature that is not available, we can help develop it for you or customise an existing solution to ensure it is fit for purpose. For example, you might want to create a unique shopping experience, customise your abandon cart emails, allow users to see how much inventory is remaining of a product etc. With Magneto being an open source platform, anything can be created to suit your business needs and requirements.

Of course, not all extensions that currently exist in the Magento 2 marketplace are favoured by all. Those that have positive reviews, download history and quality documentation can be utilised to support your new eCommerce platform without the additional development costs. This makes Magento 2 a versatile platform to build your eCommerce platform, providing flexibility for business growth, design and functionality. 

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Magento offers integrated solutions

It is important that your eCommerce platform speaks to your Point of Sale (POS) system, Warehouse Management system, freight or delivery partner and customer service system. Ideally, all systems need to connect to each other effectively to provide the best customer experience & operational efficiencies. If you have partnered with Magneto development team who are experts in integration, once a customer is looking to place an order for your product online, your eCommerce store back-end will manage a large part of this autonomously. 

For example, prior to a purchase on your eCommerce store, your customer should be able to review your freight rates, understand how much inventory is available of their preferred product, learn exactly when the product will be delivered to their home and what are suitable products to partner with their potential purchase. From a business perspective, you should be made aware when your stock is running low, record the purchase in your accounting suite, generate relevant tax invoices to you and the customer as well as process the payment through your chosen gateway with no human interaction. Whether you operate a B2C or B2B organisation, you can complete all tasks seamlessly together with that latest business intelligence tools to facilitate reporting, activity monitoring and milestone reviews.

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Magento and SEO optimisation?

Creating a web application with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important to help reach more people in a coordinated, targeted and strategic manner. Magento 2 in particular, supports SEO optimisation and we know the methodology to help your business and products rank. SEO optimisation is the specialisation of enhancing code, using relevant content, minimising errors, removing faults, optimising pages and other techniques to improve both the quantity and quality of traffic to a web application. As part of our process, we will audit your current website or project and make recommendations to improve performance before we integrate or enhance your eCommerce platform.

eCommerce platforms or Magneto projects are never complete as there are always opportunities for improvement. A web application is a ‘living’ solution that needs to be maintained for it to operate effectively. We partner with you as your digital marketing expert to help enhance the reach and scale of your eCommerce platform. We develop a program of work that considers your holistic digital marketing strategy so that there is harmony and consistency in the approach. This will ensure that your eCommerce platform positively complements your website, improves your digital presence and helps you achieve the businesses goals and objectives.

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How can Magento work for you?

At Sharp Instincts, it is our mission to help you achieve your business goals. If you are considering developing a new eCommerce store or updating your existing eCommerce store, we can help. We will present options to you and explain why Magento is favourable in your circumstances. Magento requires specialist development skills given it requires technical capabilities to develop and operate. We have a team of specialists that will partner with you to achieve the results you expect.

Magento Developers Melbourne

Although Magento is a challenging tool to work with for non-developers, we are extremely proficient in delivering high quality solutions within the stated timeframe and budget. Given our experience and understanding of Magento, we can help you customise your eCommerce store with the right functionalities, extensions and features so that you can maximise your Return On Investment (ROI). Call 1800 189 787 if you are looking for Magento Development Agency in Melbourne.

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Magento Development – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

There are a host of key factors in determining a successful Magento development project including high quality Magento 2 developers, expertise in managing timelines, number of successful projects already delivered, thorough project testing and excellent communication with project stakeholders.

There are positive and negatives with local and overseas based development teams. We run a hybrid approach which means you get the best local designers and project managers with expert overseas development teams. This helps us to our price competitive but still provide the high quality result you expect.

We have a delivered a large number of Magneto 2 projects with varying levels of skills and integrations. Our ability to deliver custom solutions based around your business objectives means you will be exceptionally happy with the final outcome for your project.

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