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How to find the best SEO consultant in Melbourne

The Internet is bristling with content and websites selling goods and services in a saturated market. So, how does your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace online? It is in this competitive market that your business can benefit from a relationship with a trusted SEO consultant Melbourne.

Located in Chadstone, Sharp Instincts can make your business shine among competitors with help from our best-in-class SEO experts, who will help you attract more organic traffic to your website on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.

By augmenting the visibility of online content organically, SEO helps bring your website in front of prospective customers who engage with the content, gauge your strength through case studies, among other things, and learn more about the services your business provides. This engagement would eventually turn into actions such as business enquiries and conversions. The best part is that the acquisition cost will be much lower than what you would invest in paid advertising.

The process involves implementing strategic techniques to boost a web page or content to a higher search rank profile on search engines, which would be seen more frequently by potential targeted customers. Since search engines brisk through a heavy volume of information to display results based on the user’s search query, they need to be able to easily list the information for user access with the help of algorithms. For example, SERP (search engine result pages) helps rank pages based on importance levels that we, as SEO consultants, are experts at achieving. For instance, these factors can include website quality, the number of links that take potential customers to your site and trust level, to name a few.


How an SEO consultant works

Our SEO specialists deliver long-term value to your company by securing more organic keywords. Strategically targeting the focus keywords with adequate volume and relevancy would be the key to winning in the long term with more unique visitors and conversions, ensuring a more significant ROI.

With a clear understanding of how several factors come into play to rank on the first page of search engines, our SEO consultants use various tools to implement on-page and off-page strategies to heavily boost rankings and draw potential targeted customers to your website.

As your go-to local SEO consultancy Melbourne that understands both the local and national market, we tailor our strategies to help promote your brand’s credibility and make it unique in the Australian market.

How an SEO consultant works

How choosing the right SEO consultant in Melbourne is important for your local business

Research reveals that only 36 per cent of small, local businesses implement an SEO strategy. When done right, SEO enables you to cement yourself as a leader in your business vertical in your area. By taking advantage of SEO strategies developed by Sharp Instincts’ consultants, your brand will rank higher on SERP, draw more customers, and generate higher conversions. With a consistent brand marketing strategy, you can also boost customer loyalty and increase your brand value.

The main factor why SEO campaigns do not get the desired results is because SEO teams fail to comprehend the business’ goals adequately to achieve good outcomes. We at Sharp Instincts are experts in making SEO work for your local business with high organic search rankings. Ranking on the first page of search engines comes through good SEO techniques that our SEO specialists are adept at.

How we rank among the top Melbourne SEO consultants

At Sharp Instincts, we are on top of our game. We provide the best SEO services in Australia with a proven track record. Our team of SEO experts can quickly and innovatively devise SEO strategies bespoke to your website, requirements and objectives. We collaborate with you to analyse your requirements so that your website ranks high in search engines. When working with us, clients are guaranteed one-on-one interaction with a highly-skilled SEO consultant who will ensure an excellent outcome for your business.

More often than not, website owners, who have not implemented an SEO strategy, would initially opt for keyword enhancement. Simply put, it is the art of understanding how keywords work on a search engine against competitor websites and for unique visitors. Keyword amplification can be implemented in different ways. We can also offer you a suite of services per your requirements to enhance your marketing strategy, content, communications, social media, and app strategies.

Key considerations when partnering with an SEO consultant in Melbourne

Choosing an SEO consultant that fits your requirements is not a simple process. Your company has to consider and weigh various requirements unique to your business’ needs.

You must request case studies of websites the SEO consultants have optimised through keyword rankings similar to your business. As a client, you should be reviewing current data, not old data, for example, from a year-ago period. Dated data is challenging because you might not be able to gauge if the SEO consultant is knowledgeable about the current SEO trends.


If current data cannot be revealed due to client confidentiality issues, you must request case studies of websites whose strategic marketing goals match your company’s requirements. For eCommerce companies, the case studies should be for eCommerce companies that have a similar size product catalogue as yours. Similarly, if you are a B2B company, you should ideally look to choose an SEO consultant whose focus area is B2B SEO services.

Performance metrics come in various forms and therefore it’s necessary to analyse what metrics are being shared. If all an SEO consultant provides is rankings without referencing leads and conversations, the data could be misleading.

Factors to review before hiring the best SEO consultant for your company:



Request case studies and a demonstration of successful SEO campaigns for companies that have similar business objectives

Conversion & Leads Analysis


Traffic should not be the only consideration, you should also analyse conversion rates and leads

In-Person Trip


Make an in-person trip to the SEO consultant’s office to see how it operates

Deliver Results


Be sceptical about SEO guarantees

Risk Analysis


Analyse the risks associated with cheap SEO consultants



Be knowledgeable about SEO pricing models and set an SEO budget

As a client, you will experience four key phases of our process. The critical briefing stage involves meeting, in person or through a Zoom call, to analyse your business’ digital objectives and an introduction on who we are. When our proposal and terms are agreed on, our team will begin the creative stage of developing the ideas and technicalities required to achieve your goals. Then comes the proposal implementation stage. In addition to our SEO consulting services, depending on your company’s digital marketing requirements, we can also provide a best-in-class one-stop platform for new app creation, website design or unique social marketing campaigns. The most rewarding final stage of the process is delivering results and satisfying our client’s requirements.

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