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Why is Video SEO important?

Incorporating valuable video content for social media sharing and viewing across high traffic platforms.

Video SEO strategies enhance the impact of your video content by amplifying the reach of the videos through optimisation, enhancements and social sharing. The dominant trend towards video from a user experience perspective has been led by YouTube, social media platforms such as Instagram & TikTok. Google also looks at time on site as a key metric of how valuable the content is on the website. An easy way to increase this time on site is by adding valuable video content on your website. We generally suggest a blend of written content and audio-visual content that is well balanced can help create an encouraging atmosphere for visitors to engage with your website or digital platform.

Given the market is adopting both types of content and that this may well include your competitors, it would be a mistake to not incorporate videos in your website or web platform. To help you maximise the impact of video integration, our video SEO Services Experts will guide your business towards success.

What does Video SEO require?

The importance of videos

Videos help deliver content without the user exerting much effort. The goal is to say what you want in a concise manner with helpful visuals, well-spoken text and the option to turn on closed captions if the user does not have headphones or has a hearing disability. Making your business accessible in this manner will appear to many who dislike reading text and prefer to listen instead. Interestingly, a video stimulates two senses (i.e. sight and hearing), whereas reading text only requires sight.

Therefore, a user, visitor or customer is more likely to remember what they have seen and heard in a video compared to what they have read. This is not an exact science but works for the majority. That is why videos are an important feature and should be integrated into your website. We are not recommending a complete overhaul of text with videos, but a fine balance which we will help you strike.

Which online platforms should we utilise for video SEO?

There are many video platforms that exist today. After the business has either developed video content in-house or engaged a third party to assist, you can publish your completed video directly on your website or link to an established platform for greater reach and coverage. It should not be a surprise to you that YouTube is a well-known and much used video search engine.

Many businesses also have a YouTube account to promote their business. This search engine is an established tool with a great search and filter functionality. You can also follow YouTubers, receive notifications about new video posts and encourage commentary to be posted a video. YouTube videos can also be shared on many social media platforms!

How can a video SEO strategy help my business?

Video SEO techniques are focused on how to optimise your exposure and increase your conversion rate from the content created. Our technicians, engineers and advisors understand exactly how mobile users engage with their device, what triggers their fancy, how search engines function and what user experience should be offered. Not only do we optimise text, but we look at improving the audio-visual content and speech recognition accessibility of the videos. This technique will help users can navigate to your website easily without typing a letter or word. We try to make each possible avenue work in a speedy manner because research shows that users want accessibility fast and without errors. Any delays and you will lose the visitor’s interest which potentially means a lost sale and an easy win for a competitor. Do not let this happen to your business!

  • Help present large slabs of text in digestible chunks of video. While it costs more to produce a video as opposed to writing text on a website content page and making it look fancy, the return on investment for a video is higher.
  • Enable staff to talk about the business or a product to make the exposure more personal. This helps to create brand value and helps to drive consumer appreciation. A well-known example of this is Bunnings.
  • Develop instructional or educational videos to support the use or application of your products. This can be an important marketing tool because consumers see this as added value once they have purchased the good or service.
  • Offer tips, insights, and news on your website so that visitors and users can treat your website or platform as a credible source of information. You may want to post articles along with vlogs to increase accessibility. The leading supermarket chains are great examples of this.
  • Conduct a product demo, keynote, or other presentation to help encourage interest in your business and product suite. This can help drum up business, build suspense or offer something that will entice the individual to come back to your website again in the future.
  • Increase the amount of time that users, visitors and potential customers browse your website or platform. This dwell time can help to increase your chance of a user or visitor converting into a lead or opportunity.
  • Generate social interaction as users and visitors share, comment or respond to your video (i.e. by liking it, loving it, etc.). This can help you to take advantage of social networks and propel your business forward.

Videos will give you right sort of exposure

Video SEO strategy is an approach to help enhance the impact of your video. You will have taken time to write the script, create awesome audio-visual features and make it engaging for the public to watch. This effort should not be lost, and your video output needs to be integrated into your website or platform with care and precision. With SEO optimisation you can enhance the exposure and target the video to your target market. Your video should include hashtags, a short description, links to your website and other accessibility features so that it functions effectively and helps redirect viewers to your site. Important points to consider are:

  • Host the video appropriately: Consider whether to post the video on a third-party platform or your own website. The benefit of the third-party platform is that the reach is higher, and more people can share it.
  • Make it stand out: Ensure that your description is brief and clear and that the thumbnail is on point. This will encourage viewers to view the video as they will be intrigued. Otherwise, your video might be lost in the pool of millions of videos posted each second.
  • Optimise for mobile use: Mobile use is growing daily, and more people search on a mobile device than on a desktop or laptop. Ensure that your video is accessible to mobile users and that it views well without viewers having to strain their eyes, adjust their settings or bookmark it for later viewing.

Video SEO Services by Experts

Let us help you connect with your customers, users and visitors through video today! Why not elevate your user experience with content that can be seen or heard without having to trawl through paragraphs of text? Not only will your chance of conversion increase, but your users and visitors will better understand your business and products and more likely return to browse your website. Talk to the video SEO services experts today! For a confidential and no obligation discussion, call us on 1800 512 124.

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