What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is the ability to organically rank products online by implementing SEO best practice strategies on your website, images & on-page optimisation. eCommerce websites are the modern way to shop for goods or services. Instead of visiting a store front, browsing through products on display and making a purchase, an eCommerce platform enables 24/7 customer engagement. A prospective customer can browse your website from the convenience of their own home, consider making a purchase without any distractions, take their time as they review what they want, ask questions along the way through live chat and make their decision without feeling pressured at any time of the day. The convenience offered by eCommerce platforms has revolutionised the way customers shop in the 21st century.  Optimising your store front (or e-commerce SEO) therefore is a critical aspect for any business competing online.

Customers no longer need to make a trip to visit a store to find out that what they want is not suitable or is no longer available. With integrated warehouse management functionality, logistics capability and personalisation features as an added extra, customers can receive all the information they need about stock levels, transport costs and added extras without a few clicks or taps. eCommerce platforms can also be optimised for mobile functionality so that customers can always be on the go and have access to their favourite stores without having to wait for the store to open or for a customer store representative to be available. Organisations that are integrating eCommerce functionality into their digital marketing strategy understand that making the process quick, easy and complete gives customers the confidence they need when they purchase products online.

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What are the key questions to consider when analysing your eCommerce SEO performance?


Have you labelled the images correctly?

Have you shrunk the images to improve page speed?

Are the images reflective of the product you are selling?


What’s our budget to improve our overall store and conversion rate?

Do we have budget to add features to improve results?

What percentage of sales is currently driven by organic?


What are the keywords we really want to win?

What keywords are my competitors targeting?

What is the related Cost Per Click in Google Ads Vs. SEO?


Do we have any on-site videos to help our performance?

What are we focusing on with our videos?


Have you analysed what is currently performing?

Have you analysed what is currently not performing?


What metrics are we trying to improve in this process?

How are we aligning our SEO improvements with business performance?

Why do I need to spend money on eCommerce SEO?

Embracing eCommerce and SEO

If you operate a small or large business that sells products to the community, it might be wise to consider eCommerce functionality. An increasing number of businesses have an eCommerce platform in some shape or form. While some are simple and others are fancy, starting with a functional eCommerce platform without the bells and whistles is a great way to achieve your sales targets.  Coupling your eCommerce store with SEO will give you the power to deliver an ongoing Return On Investment (ROI).

Not only will you make your products more accessible to your target market, you will achieve greater traction in the community. Never underestimate the power of traditional word of mouth marketing! More and more people are connecting to the internet, have smart mobile devices and want instant access to the products they need. Help them connect faster with you by integrating an eCommerce platform into your website. We can then help you leverage your store to increase your revenue, sales and profitability.

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How does eCommerce help the digital marketing strategy?

eCommerce should be the driving force of an organisation’s digital marketing strategy. In addition to having a well-designed, clear and easy to navigate website for your business, an eCommerce platform effectively places your entire product catalogue online for the world to see. By giving customers flexibility to purchase when they want, your eCommerce sales can help lift your overall revenue. The eCommerce solution should then become the centrepiece of your digital marketing strategy.

eCommerce solutions provides a great way to facilitate a seamless purchase and delivery of the product without the customer having to leave their home or business. If those sales can be driven by organic rankings, that means you don’t have to pay for those leads like you do with Google Ads for example. eCommerce SEO when managed correctly can give you the best ROI of any product within your marketing artillery.

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Can your business sustain an eCommerce platform?

eCommerce is not for every business. The platform does need to be operationalised and there are quite a few considerations that need to be made before committing to the full scope of works. In addition to the digital marketing aspects of an eCommerce platform, the enterprise will need to consider whether it can sustain increased demand, check warehouse levels automatically, securely collect personal information, process payments accurately without delay, package up the goods in a careful manner, connect seamlessly with logistics providers and deliver without errors. If you start driving traffic to this site through eCommerce SEO then the issues you are facing will increase substantially.

Considerations about how you enter the market and your platform choice for your eCommerce platform can be guided by your digital agency. One issue we do see happen is that companies get caught up in “analysis paralysis” meaning they spend too much time trying to predict behaviour without entering the market. Our suggestion would be enter with a small scale environment to test, iterate and perfect your offering. Real world data and results will trump predictive modelling and analysis.

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What is eCommerce SEO optimisation?

Once you have a fully fledged eCommerce platform integrated into your website, it is time to optimise it with SEO techniques. SEO applies to all aspects of website functionality so that users of the web can find your products and services better. To penetrate through the noise and the billion pages of content, we carefully undertake keyword and competitor research to help your business shine through. 

We are an expert eCommerce SEO services agency in Melbourne.

We develop your eCommerce platform so that keywords are built into your website to help increase exposure and traffic. We focus on the points of difference, the product terms that are unique (but commonly used) and other factors to help elevate your business among your competitors in the market. In addition to these steps, we can help find errors in your website and integrate on-page optimisation features that will further support the effectiveness of your website. Work with Melbourne’s trusted eCommerce SEO Services provider.

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eCommerce SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

eCommerce SEO is the ability to organically rank products online by implementing SEO best practice strategies on your website, images & on-page optimisation

There are a number of key factors in choosing a partner for your eCommerce SEO which include examples of results, testimonials from existing or previous customers, audit of opportunities of your website and the connection you feel with the business and direction of the agency.

eCommerce SEO, when it is working will be the main driver of the business. Our experience is that it is definitely worth the time and cost investment, particularly when the strategies are built with the business goals and objectives in mind.

There is a big discrepancy between suppliers in this area. Unfortunately that is not great for businesses looking to invest in eCommerce SEO. Working out who is the best fit for your business will generally involve a level of trust on your behalf that the agency will deliver results. Our recommendation is to have a meeting or two with the agency to determine your level of comfort, trust worthiness and reliability of that business. Ideally if possible chat to one of their current customers to get some insight.

eCommerce SEO differs from normal SEO services in that you are trying to improve your on-page product listings, product information and category pages to win organic keyword searches. Ordinary SEO services are focused more around creating content to rank for specific terms to help you win organic keyword searches.

If you aren’t getting enough of your sales from your online store from organic traffic, then you need eCommerce SEO for your business. Paying Google Ads or third party advertisers to drive all your sales is expensive and on-going. If you can win key terms organically, this will fuel substantial growth in your business.

There are a number of sites and tools that will let you perform and audit of your site and improve your technical SEO. Some examples includes Ahrefs, MOZ, SEMRUSH and NeilPatel. If you aren’t technical, we would strongly suggest speaking to an expert to discuss what these mean and how the agency can resolve & improve them.

We are unquestionably biased in this discussion, but we believe it is us! We can help your products and business win digitally!

If you are trying to find an eCommerce SEO expert, we would suggest speaking to a few digital agencies who can showcase some examples of their work. We would suggest you ask them for specific examples of keywords and the results for the customer.

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