Instagram Advertising

What are Instagram Ads?

Undeniable reach to targeted audiences and engagement that converts.

Instagram Ads is an advertising platform that displays your ads to users based on demographics or interests to try drive traffic, leads or sales. The advertising campaigns are predicated around an objective and targeting a specific audience who aligns with your company or brand values. The specific campaign targeting allows you to tailor your approach to focus on particular types of people based on age, location, time of interaction, interests, activity and social interaction. Before we execute the advertising campaign on your behalf, we help you understand who to target the ad to. We can work with your marketing team to define the various target markets so that your ads have maximum exposure when made live. Defining the target market is crucial, because if done incorrectly you run the risk of wasting funds on advertising that has gone to waste. Focusing on quality creative and imagery sit at the core of developing a successful Instagram Ad campaign.

The visual appeal of Instagram has led to organisations opening Instagram accounts to keep their customers up-to-date with their latest products, news and operational updates. You can easily post a picture of a new product, provide a new update through a short video or communicate an operational update using a graphic. Given Instagram users are always on the lookout for new products that compliments their values, the image sharing platform enables businesses to appeal to users who would be interested in learning more about or purchasing what the business has to offer. Marketing in this manner requires patience, care and persistence. Engaging a digital marketing expert to develop a results driven marketing plan will prepare you for an amazing experience with Instagram’s built in advertising functionality.

Why use Instagram Ads?

Focused marketing plan

With Instagram, there are many opportunities and the approach needs to be planned and refined. For example, your organisation might be unveiling a new product and would like to showcase it to your followers. You will create a series of posts about the new product to appeal to your followers and engage in a targeted campaign to promote the product to a select group of leads. This approach will need to be consistent across all marketing channels so that your new product receives the most screen time and is not overshadowed by other conflicting messages or competing products.

By selectively targeting and creating ads for Instagram inline with your marketing plans and efforts will ensure you get the best Return On Investment (ROI). Aligning key goals, metrics and objectives are critical in determining the success of the campaign, particularly when comparing Instagram Advertising to other digital and traditional media outlets.

What is our process for building Instagram Ads?

In order to build you the most appropriate and targeted Instagram campaign we will engage in the following process and create out of the box Instagram advertising Strategy;

  • Initial consult: We initially consult with you to learn more about your business. We believe that the more we know about you, your business’s plan and strategy, growth factors and market landscape, we can deliver a targeted and relevant Instagram advertising campaign that works. This is the time where you can share what your goals are and what issues you have with your current advertising strategy.
  • Research: We undertake research to determine customer and market data, keyword trends, industry trajectory, competitor landscape and other factors to help us understand the scope and the techniques that we need to apply to the advertising campaign. In particular, it is our goal to help your business outperform your competitors.
  • Approval: We then report back to you with our observations. We work with your marketing team to develop a campaign including defining the objective, articulating the target market and preparing the ad for go live. We seek your approval to the plan so that you are comfortable with our approach.
  • Implementation: Once we have received sign-off from you, we commence implementation of the ad campaign and monitor progress. We can refine the campaign to make any adjustments and check to see that it is operating effectively.
  • Continuous improvement: As we understand new developments, we will implement this immediately through continuous improvement. We ensure that future Instagram advertising campaigns benefit from our knowledge, feedback on past campaigns and your organisation’s progress.

Why engage Sharp Instincts for Instagram Advertising?

At Sharp Instincts, we have a team of dedicated digital marketing specialists and strategists who are keen to evaluate your online presence and reposition it for success. Let us help you expand your digital footprint and showcase your product offering to more customers outside your current customer list.

Our expert team can help you take control of your businesses story and enhance your digital marketing strategy with Instagram advertising. For a confidential and no obligation discussion, contact us today on 1800 512 124

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