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What is an eCommerce Magento website?

This open-source eCommerce option works well for start-ups and can facilitate lucrative online sales performance with professional assistance.

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform that is used by over 250,000 businesses across the world. Since it is an open-source platform, it is freely accessible to anyone (including the source code) provided users of the platform make their modifications, enhancements or developments available to others on similar licence terms. Given its affordability and accessibility, many up and coming organisations use Magento to optimise their website with a fully functional and effective eCommerce platform. At Sharp Instincts, we understand how Magento operates and can enhance its functionality with SEO techniques that will help you reap the benefits that your organisation requires from this investment.

What makes Magento a go to platform for many businesses is that it includes features that are market standard and easy to deploy. This enables a level playing field and allows organisations with in-house or third party technical capability to optimise its processes to achieve better results. Implementing an SEO strategy with a Magento eCommerce platform can help your business shine through the growing number of competitors in your space. Without a successfully developed eCommerce platform, you will not be able to compete effectively with your competitors and your visitors will be distracted as they are bombarded with options to purchase goods or services that are similar to what you have to offer.

Why should I use Magento for my eCommerce website?

Magento 2 is built for SEO

If you are going to make a significant investment in technology such as a Magento website, you want to ensure you get a Return On Investment (ROI). Fortunately, Magento 2 has made vast improvements versus Magento 1 in terms of SEO capabilities. Issues on Magento 1 around search functionality, basic product SEO naming conventions and page descriptions has been resolved with the updated platform. Of course there will always be positives and negative with any platform (the cost being the major inhibitor for Magento 2). The rankings and revenue outcomes from those who have built a Magento eCommerce website in our experience has been excellent. As part of any Magento eCommerce website solution we build, we will implement on-page SEO as part of our setup so you have the initial tools to help you win online.

A digital marketing specialist can help you employ powerful SEO strategies that will showcase your website to the right people. Magento eCommerce SEO activities centre on using various digital methods to increase the visibility of your products on services through search engines. At Sharp Instincts, we focus on driving the results that effect the bottom line and sales through the checkout. We have delivered large number of successful Magneto websites that has digitised their business and outperformed the clients expectations. Coupling Magneto’s in-built SEO capabilities with Sharp Instincts expert knowledge of eCommerce and SEO will ensure your business receive a clear Return On Investment (ROI).

Do I need ongoing eCommerce Magento SEO optimisation?

Ongoing SEO optimisation and improvements for your Magento eCommerce platform is a critical piece of ensuring your sales continually deliver. The digital space is not static, meaning that if you are able to win some critical keyword positions, competitors are constantly trying to out-perform and out-rank you. When Magento SEO optimisation is managed correctly however, there will be a very clear ROI which will be measurable through your online sales and Google Analytics. Without giving too much away about how we transform your eCommerce platform to receive greater targeted traffic, eCommerce SEO optimisation includes cleaning up, refining and enhancing all aspects of your Magento platform. An eCommerce platform is built on code that includes integrated content, images, videos, links, references, tags, meta descriptions, page titles, URLs and much more. Ensuring these are aligned with your business goals, objectives and keyword opportunities will help determine the success of your Magento platform. Since SEO optimisation is not a static exercise, but a dynamic one, a continuous process is required to maintain positioning so that it consistently delivers you results over time.

As part of Magento SEO work, we will help your eCommerce platform run faster, operate more efficiently, receive more traffic and improve the conversion rate. For example, we carefully check that there are no bugs in the code, ensure images are well referenced, check that search and competitor keywords are correctly used, include relevant content to increase time on site, remove any lagging components that trigger lower conversion rates and help improve SERP ranking to increase the click-through rate. All these are examples of work we will conduct as part of our ongoing SEO Magento eCommerce optimisation services. If you are after anything in particular, or do not know where to start, we can conduct a complimentary high level audit and provide a quote based on our assessment. This can be a good start to help you optimise your eCommerce platform and enable it to perform better.

Why should I partner with Sharp Instincts for my Magento platform?

Building a Magneto platform is complex and involves intricate knowledge of integrations, coding and experience. Partnering with an agency that has delivered numerous complex projects should give you confidence that you are in safe hands. We appreciate that this is a significant investment for the business and are keen to ensure that it is a success. Some of the benefits in partnering with us to build a Magento platform include;

  • Conceptual designs that work like a real website so you can see how the platform will look and feel prior to signing off the designs
  • Gated payment structures to ensure requirements are met without paying the full costs up front
  • Staging site environment for you to review the website as it is getting built
  • Flexible payment solutions for businesses to help them manage the capital investment
  • Industry and relevant experience in delivering Magento websites meaning we can guide you on what will and won’t work based on your industry and requirements
  • We will build your site with on-site SEO so that your store will garner the traffic it requires to make it profitable
  • We are integration experts who can incorporate the requirements of the project whether it be shipping, payments, accounting, CRM’s etc. to help you achieve your goals

Magento Web Design Agency

At Sharp Instincts, we have successfully helped many organisations migrate to Magento eCommerce solutions that have delivered for the business. We understand that each business has own its intricacies and requirements that need to be met in order for the project to be a success. We partner with all the clients we work with to ensure the best possible outcome. For a confidential and no obligation discussion, call us on 1800 512 124

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