What are Youtube Ads?

YouTube Ads allows you to target your potential audience by showcasing relevant videos to them and trying to entice them to commit a goal conversion action. YouTube is the world’s leading video search engine. Individuals and organisation can post videos in accordance with YouTube’s community guidelines and terms of use and set the video’s accessibility to either private or public viewing. YouTube now accommodates live streaming so that users can simultaneously broadcast their audio-visual spectacular to viewers anywhere throughout the world. Having built a strong reputation for providing an easy-to-use platform for video distribution and viewing, many businesses across the world are using YouTube as part of their digital marketing strategy. Most people dislike reading text so a marketing strategy that uses sound and visuals is a great way to reach out to members of your target market who want to be told and shown!

If YouTube is not part of your marketing strategy, you will need to revisit the efficacy of your marketing channels. There is only so much benefit that text can provide on a website page, in a blog or on print media. Sometimes, it helps to show your goods and services in all their glory by providing a demonstration, tutorial, time-lapse, 3D schematic, behind the scenes footage, fashion update or other. Think about all the opportunities that exist to help explain why your good or service is better than your competitors without using text. YouTube offers businesses the ability to use audio-visuals as a dominant marketing tool so that viewers can learn more about the business without having to read through pages of text. With accessibility features for the disabled and close monitoring of YouTube content, the platform is highly optimised and regulated to assist individuals and limit the distribution of offensive or illegal material.

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What are the key questions to consider when crafting a YouTube Ads Strategy?


Which ad types are we using to promote our brand?

Do we have the video content to create different ad types?

What is the action we want people to take with our ads?


What’s our budget allocation for YouTube Ads? Daily budget?

Are we running YouTube Ads all the time or intermittently?

How does our spend for YouTube Ads differ to Google Ads?


How are we targeting our audience on YouTube?

What similar videos exist to the one’s we are trying to create?

How does the cost of YouTube Ads compare to other media types?


What is our objective? Sales, Leads, Traffic, Awareness etc.

Do our ads have a key conversion action we want the user to take?


How will our ads hook people quickly to get the desired result?

Do our ad types meet the specific requirements for YouTube Ads?


How are we measuring success for YouTube Ads?

Are we aligning our YouTube Ads results with overall performance?

Why use YouTube Ads?

What does YouTube offer?

It has been reported by various organisations that users online spend at least half of their time browsing videos and other like material. Since YouTube has a reputation for being a reliable video search engine that helps users find exactly what they want to see and hear, most of that time is spent on the YouTube platform. YouTube offers various paid advertising options to help businesses promote their goods and services to the right people. When a user searches for a video in YouTube’s platform, the user will receive advertising either at the start of the video, throughout the video, as a banner that appears on the video or towards the end or at the end of the video. The advertising can be linked to the type of content that is being shown through the video using keywords, target market identification, timing preferences, demographics or even language of the video being displayed.

This functionality does come at a cost and operates through Google’s Adwords system. Given the connection with Google Adwords, each marketing campaign will be unique and needs to be separately defined. Users of YouTube advertising will need to bid for advertising space, of which there is ample opportunities given the amount of new videos that are being created and uploaded every minute. The approach is a great way to build search engine optimisation for your organisation and brand. Not only will your business appear in webpage results which contain text, but your organisation will appear in video searches too. This helps makes your organisation more accessible and broadens your target market.

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Is there a free option on YouTube?

Yes – In addition to a paid advertising promotion, you can create a YouTube account and post videos about your business without cost. There will be no targeted distribution method but limited search engine optimisation within YouTube. You will need to use your existing website and online presence including social media channels to increase your chances of users searching for your videos in YouTube. You can use the platform in this manner to post videos about new products, customer testimonials, how to guides, product demonstrations, lifestyle choices videos, updates about internal operations, news about the industry and much more. YouTube allows you to include a description with hyperlinks back to your website. You can include links to the YouTube videos through your online blog or news forum, or share the links on your social media channels. The greater the coordinated approach, the more likely your campaign will deliver positive results. 

We are a digital marketing agency that understands how advertising through YouTube works. Rather than spending time figuring out the process for yourself, let us help you receive the results you deserve. YouTube continuously changes its algorithms, processes and other operating features which requires digital marketing experts like us to support you on your journey. We continuously keep up-to-date with all changes and developments so that we can serve you with the best support available. At Sharp Instincts, our qualified, experienced and specialised team can enhance your marketing strategy with YouTube advertising. Watch your business grow as we help your business take part in a leading marketing channel. For a no obligation and confidential discussion, please call us on 1800 189 787 to arrange a meeting.

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Why is YouTube advertising important?

Think about the millions of active users on YouTube that are constantly viewing videos from the comfort of their own home, on their way to work or from work, or at a friends’ place 24/7. Your target market has now increased given out of those active users, some will engage with your business and purchase products from you. It is our role to help you convert these opportunities into revenue for your organisation. We help you identify which videos to advertise with, the substance of your advertisement, the placement of the ad and provide the necessary video production skills if required. Ultimately we should be generating leads from the viewers of videos and eventually turning them into paying customers. Our approach will help increase the click-through rate so that the campaign is a worthwhile exercise for your organisation.  

Here are a few points to summarise the importance of YouTube advertising:

  • YouTube offers a unique way for your customers to digest your content
  • Increase traffic to your website with another marketing channel
  • Enhance brand exposure, especially to those who prefer to not read text
  • Manage expenditure through bidding for advertising space
  • Link campaign design to approach using Google Adwords
  • Overall improve your SEO strategy

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YouTube Advertising Agency – FAQ’s

There are various factors in determining a successful YouTube Ads campaign that include quality of the video, varying ad types to test & iterate campaigns, optimisation & iteration, audience targeting & closely measuring goal completions.

YouTube Ads often seem like a large expense and not worth the effort. Our experience is that YouTube ads are particularly helpful at targeting your audience and driving low cost traffic to your site. Our experience is that if you can nail the creative the results will be paid back in spades.

YouTube Ads should be considered as part of your overall campaign strategy. It won’t necessarily be the right fit for all business as it really depends on the objectives of your campaign. Whether you utilise YouTube Ads or not, creating video content is exceptionally helpful in driving low cost traffic to your site.

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