Types of Social Media

Social media was created for users to socialise via the internet. Most social media platforms have billions of active users. The increasing number of users has created an opportunity for business owners to use social media as one aspect of their marketing strategy.

Social media is a tool for business owners to create product or services awareness. Today in this knowledge graph we are going to learn about Social Media Marketing Strategy. We will learn how to create a strong marketing strategy for different social media platforms.

We hear common terms like “Viral”, “Social Media Sensation”, “Internet Celebrity” and many more. Your brand, product or service can receive this positive feedback using social media platforms. Today, we will learn a few methods to achieve outstanding results from social media for your products or services.

Before we get into the details of a Social Media Marketing Strategy, let’s understand the types of social media.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Types of Social Media

There are different kinds of social media platforms available for people. Every platform is different from each other and have different work algorithms. We have categorised them into seven different categories.

Category 1: Social Networks

Social networks are the kind of social media platforms where Individuals and brands take part in business branding, social awareness, building relationships, customer support, lead generation, and conversion. This is all possible on social networks. Examples of well-known social media networking websites are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. On these platforms, you can run your paid and organic marketing campaigns to generate leads and improve conversions.

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Category 2: Media Sharing Networks

Media sharing networks are a little different to social media platforms. On social media, you can socialise and share your thoughts along with Media files such as Images and videos. But on Media Sharing networks you can only upload the media files. Examples of famous media sharing networks are YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr. On these types of platforms, you have limited methods of interaction with people. This category of social media is very important for building brand value and collecting honest feedback.

Just like social media networks, you can also run your campaigns on media sharing platforms to target the right audience. These channels will help you run campaigns to generate leads and widen your audience base.

Category 3: Public Discussion and Question & Answer Platforms

Public forums and question & answer platforms such as Quora, Reddit and Digg are very engaging platforms. On these platforms, users can find honest reviews about products or services, engage in topical discussions and ask questions related to any product or service. When users ask questions on these platforms, they receive multiple answers from real time users and honest feedback. Due to high user engagement, these platforms are considered a good place to collect user reviews on products and services.

Before the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter established, these platforms public discussion and question & answer platforms were considered reliable online places to find an industry expert and professional on any subject matter. These platforms are very useful for you if you are looking to understand user behaviour about any particular product or service. Any business owner can conduct product research based on the discussions, answers and engaging topics on these platforms. This really helps to build a good social media marketing strategy.

Some platforms, such as Quora, have options to choose paid marketing campaigns. You can advertise your product on the platform and receive positive engagement from the public. These online platforms help with advertising too.

Category 4: Social Bookmarks and Content Curation Networking sites

Whether you are a Digital Marketing Expert or not, we all have heard about social bookmarking and content curation websites. You should keep these platforms in your mind while building your Social Media Marketing Strategy. Under this category, famous platforms such as Pinterest, Flipboard, Papper.li and Instapaper exist. These platforms are simple to use to find out, share, discuss and save a variety of new and old content and media content which is trending in a digital space.

If you have a highly creative team which can run a creative campaign to inform and attract a large audience at the same time, then these are the platforms you should consider.

For example:

Pinterest is a platform which requires a bookmark friendly website in order to run a campaign. Being a website manager, you should always optimise headlines and images on your website so that these platforms can access it while you are sharing content or running a campaign on content curation networking sites.

Platform like Flipboard, Paper.li and Instapaper let you to create your own magazine or newspaper which you can publish on the internet by inserting links and media files.

Category 5: Review Platforms

You heard it right. Consumer review platforms are also another type of social media. We will try to explain this type of social medial platform with a few examples.

  • TripAdvisor: Trip Advisor is a review platform where a user can write or share reviews about hotels, journeys, places and much more. Apart from all these, you can also run an ad campaign on the platform. It is a platform where you can list your business and get millions of views. Quality services and honest products can receive amazing engagement on their business listings. These platforms help a business owner to build trust between users and market products and services at the same time. Whenever a user writes a review, it is considered as credible source to know more about the listed product or service. The claims made by users are considered more credible because reviews on these networks act as Social Proof.
  • Yelp and Zomato: Getting a positive remark on Yelp or Zomato are important for a business listing. It’s because these types of social media platforms that offer location-based review services will help business owners to run location based social campaigns.

If you are running a location-based business and building a social media marketing strategy, then you should always consider review platforms.

Category 6: Content Publishing and Blogging Platforms

This category is widely used by every Digital marketing Agency in the world. Sharing useful content or information on different content publishing platforms or blogs are good way to generate engagement. It helps to create awareness about the product and encourage users to refer the information while looking for products or services online. We will take the example of a few common content publishing platforms such as:

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Medium

Content marketing is one of the strongest aspects of Digital Marketing through the world Everyone knows the importance of content marketing and its results. Platforms like WordPress, Tumblr and Medium give you the option to perform content marketing with ease. These platforms help you to write content about your product or available services and market them publicly.

Category 7: Interest based platforms

Imagine a platform which satisfies your interests and gives you an option to socialise at the same time. These kind of platforms are known as interest-based platforms. We can take the example of a few commonly used platforms such as

  • MySpace
  • fm
  • Goodreads
  • Hubspot
  • WikiHow

We hope now you can easily categorise interest-based internet platforms. These platforms represent an audience base which have special interests. Including these platforms in your social media marketing strategy list will help achieve a positive outcome for your business.

These are the platforms where people of similar interest or hobbies can connect with each other. If you have a product which attracts a wide audience, then using interest-based platforms for marketing purpose will give you additional benefits. Compared to big social networks, using Interest-based platforms help you run a more targeted campaign.

In order to build a great social media marketing strategy, you need to have a good understanding of the types of social media platforms. This blog will help you understand the types of social media and create a good social media marketing strategy for your product.

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