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What are LinkedIn Ads?

Optimal advertising style for B2B marketing targeting professionals looking to engage, network, learn and connect.

LinkedIn Ads is a bidding ad platform focusing on Business to Business (B2B) that let’s you target audiences, job titles, job positions and demographics. LinkedIn is a popular professional networking platform. Unlike other platforms built for social interaction, LinkedIn offers users the ability to engage with like-minded professionals for networking, learning, business development and customer engagement purposes.

LinkedIn enables organisations to display their corporate presence to the world, allow users to subscribe to their page, and receive updates the business and actively engage with the organisation. In addition, LinkedIn enables organisations to engage in paid advertising campaigns with features that allow advertisements to be targeted to those who are likely to engage or have engaged with your business. The LinkedIn platform is primarily directed towards the B2B market given the type of users on LinkedIn. The vast majority of users are either employees of, affiliates to or owners of organisations who wish to engage with other businesses to help grow their organisation.

Why use the LinkedIn Ads Network?

What’s the benefit of using LinkedIn Ads?

Many people are still unaware of the marketing opportunities available through LinkedIn. Most people still understand LinkedIn to be a networking forum that provides a setting for exchanging virtual business cards, marketing collateral, information about business operations, products and services listings and finding growth opportunities. However, enterprise users can do much more to help their business appeal to representatives of other blusinesses who would be or are interested in their offerings and solutions.

If you have better LinkedIn ads Management, LinkedIn offers organisations the opportunity to engage in targeted marketing campaigns that can help appeal to businesses of all sizes in a coordinated manner. A targeted approach will build credibility and show potential businesses that your organisation has confidence in the products and services it offers. Moreover, LinkedIn ads provide a unique opportunity to customise your approach by individual, job title, business or sector, which will improve cut-through and results.

How will LinkedIn Ads help my business?

An organisation has many complexities that need to be ironed out on LinkedIn before the advertising campaign commences. This is to ensure that your LinkedIn presence is appealing, consistent and approachable. Otherwise, your organisation will send mixed messages, and the effectiveness of your advertising campaign will be diminished. Your organisation should have a social media policy which covers LinkedIn. There will usually be a main profile for your organisation, various sub-profiles for different divisions or service lines, profiles that have been created by staff members that link to your organisation, and content created by your organisation and your staff about the business. The messaging through all these channels needs to be accurate, aligned to your organisation’s policy, reflect your business values and be consistent. We help you first by reviewing your organisation’s exposure on LinkedIn and cleaning up any issues.

We then help you develop a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy which will align to your organisation’s overall marketing strategy. Advertising needs to occur in a coordinated manner so that it aligns to the marketing approach. Otherwise, visitors to your website or the LinkedIn page may be distracted by inappropriate posts, mixed messaging, old posts, content without meaning, lack of clarity or no call to action. Without an appreciation for these key tenets of successful marketing, the Linkedin ads Management campaign may not be as effective as you had hoped for. We work with your marketing team to evaluate the approach, objective, content, timing, frequency, reach and more so that you derive a positive ROI on your LinkedIn advertising investment.

LinkedIn Ads can help you build authority

Developing a business’s reputation online is crucial when most B2B engagement happens digitally. If a business wishes to engage with your business and does not know much about what you do, one of their first checks to gauge your organisation’s validity will be on LinkedIn. Within a LinkedIn Ads Management campaign, even if your advertising strategy is on point and directed towards a potential customer, they may not convert into a paying customer. The reason for this unsuccessful lead capture is that they have researched your business (website, LinkedIn, other socials) and have concluded that your business advertisement doesn’t match the online perception. So, how do we help you build authority in the market? Targeted advertising and sponsored content are not the only LinkedIn marketing tools. You need to help your business customers appreciate why your organisation exists so that they can understand your organisation’s products and services, engage with your business in an informed manner and comfortably consider appointing your business to provide the offering.

This authority is developed in a number of different formats. This could include sharing content on LinkedIn, posting updates about your business, links to credible articles, descriptions of new appointments, successful engagements with other businesses, careful reiteration of your business objectives will all will help to enlighten LinkedIn users about why your business exists and how it differs to your competitors. This approach is important for your overall digital marketing strategy and needs to be SEO friendly. Once you have built your authority and maintained it over time, this provides the foundation to engage in targeted marketing activity which will help users who see your ads engage with your business.

Execute your advertising campaign

LinkedIn offers targeted advertising and sponsored content. With targeted advertising (either message, dynamic or text), we can set up a campaign to display your ad to a defined category of users who are most likely to engage with your services. For example, if you are an IT vendor offering enterprise digital workplace solutions you should consider targeting enterprise IT professionals who have decision-making power at their organisation. Your ad might link to a white paper that you have written about the future of digital workplace solutions or provide interesting information about the efficiencies that can be gained from optimising the workplace. In addition, sponsored content enables your business to further develop trust in your brand and position your brand as a reputable provider of products and services. Available in three different formats (image, video or carousel ads), sponsored ads penetrate the professions you want to reach to maximise your conversion rate.

At Sharp Instincts, we have a team of dedicated digital marketing specialists and strategists who are keen to evaluate your virtual presence and reposition it for success. We will help you embrace LinkedIn as a viable sales channel and outshone your competitors. Take control of your business and enhance your digital marketing strategy with LinkedIn advertising. With our expertise and LinkedIn knowledge patterning with your business goals and objectives, we can help your business’s online presence gain traction and ultimately sales. For a confidential and no-obligation discussion, contact us today at 1800 512 124

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