iPhone App Development Melbourne

What is iPhone App Development?

Bringing business into the palm of your audience’s hands by designing a complete and engaging mobile application available to download on the Apple Store.

iPhone app development is the process of designing, coding and launching an app within Apple’s app store to all iPhone app users. The extent to which organisations embrace digital media including their website, eCommerce platforms or mobile phone applications (apps) has a critical impact on their success. Businesses focusing on digital capability such as a business application can be a key driver to win in the market. User experience for customers browsing your website on a mobile device is important as the information can be hard to navigate, read and process. Organisations that have optimised their website for mobile is a step in the right direction, however it is not as personalised as developing a standalone app. There is a growing expectation from users that your business will have its own app so that they can communicate, engage and transact with you in an easy manner without going to your website. An app provides convenience, branding, and personalisation as well as making your business more accessible to your target market.

Apple devices all run on an iOS operating system. In Australia, about 50% of the market are Apple users, meaning that any web or app presence you create must be optimised for iOS users. At Sharp Instincts, we are iOS development experts that can turn your creative ideas into a reality. We focus on ensuring that apps we deliver have the best design, user experience and coding for Apple iOS users. If you think that you can convert your business operations, eCommerce store or content into an app, then let us help you design an app that will deliver the expected Return On Investment (ROI). We will craft a plan to build you the ideal app that will improve your financial results and solve a business problem.

Is developing iPhone app important
for my business?

iPhone Apps offer a unique customer experience

An increasing number of businesses that have a function to engage with the community are developing apps. Apps help to make your business more accessible to the community. An app can also help personalise the experience with a single-touch login and other features to make each registration tailored to the user. Providing a tailored and unique customer experience will make your customers stickier and more likely to repeat purchases from your business. Rather than Googling and looking at comparative providers for a similar service, they open the app and make a simple purchase without having to re-enter their details, shipping info or potentially even product selection. While the experience of an app can be similar to logging into your account online through a browser, an app is easier to access, more secure and offers numerous possibilities to enhance the user experience.

Building a personalised iPhone app can also help you improve the relationship with which customers purchase. Using push notifications you can keep in touch more regularly with customers, provide unique offers, send billing or invoice reminders or update them about new product listings. If you are considering a service of iPhone app development in Melbourne for your business reach out to the team at Sharp Instincts who will be happy to discuss how we can help bring your vision to life!

What type iPhone app development do we do?

Our team of iPhone app developers engages in a wide range of iOS app development activities. Whether you need help designing an app, developing an app, improving an existing app or maintaining an app, we can help. We have a dedicated team or technical and operational specialists who have assisted organisations from the inception of the app, through to its next major update and beyond.

Here is a list of the services that we offer in iOS app development;

  • iOS App Design
  • iOS App UI/UX Design
  • iOS App Testing
  • iOS App Support and Maintenance
  • iOS App Porting iOS App Design Solutions
  • iOS Development Services and Consultation
  • Custom iOS App Development
  • iOS App Store Development
  • iOS App Store Advertising
  • Migration of other applications to iOS App
  • Enterprise iOS solutions
  • iOS App integration
  • iOS App linkage
  • iOS App improvements

What is our iOS iPhone app build process?

We build iPhone apps for all organisation types, irrespective of the size of the company. Apps however are generally quite expensive, depending on the complexity of what is involved. This predominately results in medium to larger businesses being those that can afford to do them properly. We have developed apps with varying functionalities from basic apps with content and third-party plugins to complex eCommerce solutions with extremely personalised experiences. Being a trusted iOS app development company we follow a simple process to help make the iPhone app development experience pleasant, efficient and aligned to your business plan and marketing strategy.

Here is a summary of what we do when you engage us to develop an iOS app.

  • Briefing: We will schedule a client meeting to discuss your objectives of the app development and your expectations of us. We take time to understand your business, its values, the products and your message. An app is a way to communicate with the world and the strategy needs to be appropriate and aligned to your business plan. This step can usually take time as we ask questions for you to consider and engage in various conversations to help guide you in the right direction. We do not rush the briefing process because this will help set a stable foundation for the development of the app.
  • Creative process: Our team of digital marketing experts, iPhone app developers and designers will all work together to create a roadmap for the iPhone app development. We will prepare preliminary designs that you can view on your browser, engage in multiple discussions, work with you to understand any pain points and understand what you would like to us to focus on.
  • Design and execution: We will create a mock up of the app for you (and relevant stakeholders) to test and review on your mobile device. We will work with you to ensure the app functionality is tailored to your business, easy to use, has a great user experience and works seamlessly.
  • Deliver results: As a partner of your business we will work with you to successfully launch the app. We will manage the end to end delivery of the iPhone app to the Apple App Store on your behalf. That way we can ensure the process is smooth and easy for your business.

What type of industries do we build iPhone apps for?

Being iPhone app developer we serve all industries and work with a team of knowledgeable experts who understand the operations of various businesses. This helps us to hit the ground running because we understand the requirements and differences of varying industry. In addition, we work collaboratively with you so that we can tailor the app development to suit your exact needs, your business’s position in the market and your expectations.

Here is a list of the industries we have found that get the most benefit from iPhone App development;

  • Hospitality: catering, restaurants, delivery
  • Retail: all types
  • Finance: asset management, investments, portfolio development
  • Real estate: selling, leasing, development
  • Education and training: primary, secondary, tertiary and TAFE
  • Manufacturing: all types
  • Healthcare: doctors, dentists, optometrists, psychologists, cardiologists, physiologists and others
  • Fitness and wellbeing: gyms, sport centres, outdoor areas, party centres, playgrounds
  • Entertainment: radio, television, online, print

Even if your organisation does not fit into one of these categories, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking to partner with new businesses so that we can share our app development knowledge and help you connect with your users in a more meaningful and accessible manner.

Why partner with Sharp Instincts to build your iPhone app?

It is important to engage an app development agency that are expert in their field and take time to understand your business. We provide a fully transparent and agile approach so that you are in control of our work every step of the way. While we focus on the technical bits, you guide us with what you want to achieve from an operational perspective. We are flexible and exist to serve you in the best way possible. If we feel that you might not be on the right track, we will let you know. All tasks are scoped appropriately and priced so that you receive the comfort that we will develop an app that works, aligns to your business plan and will accelerate your business’s growth. Our end-to-end service provides our clients with confidence that we know what we are doing and will deliver against your goals.

iOS Development Melbourne

We are experts in iOS development and have successfully supported many organisations with the design, development and launch of apps. We understand why apps are built, how to build them and how to successfully maintain and update them over time. Your app should reflect your business, your values and your products. We take time to understand why your business exists, so that we can develop an app that speaks true to your business. Along the way, we work with you to tailor our development so that you are comfortable with our approach and satisfied with the output. To get started, reach out to us and explain your vision and requirements so that we can give you some realistic guides. We will sign an NDA prior to the discussion if you are concerned about the protection of your idea or concept. For a confidential and no obligation discussion, call us on 1800 512 124

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