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Anco Turf


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Apple iOS App, Android App, Laravel CMS


After the successful launch of Anco’s eCommerce website solution, Sharp Instincts was analysing other possibilities to further improve the business efficiency and profitability.

We identified an opportunity that could help purchasing for both retail & trade customers by offering a custom built app. As part of the solution, we would even look to integrate Anco’s turf cutting & logistics management into one central hub.




The strategy derived for the app had three key components which were retail customers, trade customers and business operations.

For retail customers, we wanted to help them understand how to better manage all aspects of turf. For trade customers, we wanted to allow them to quickly quote, purchase and manage all their previous order history. For business operations, we wanted to help them better manage their turf cutting and operational logistics.




The app has been a resounding success for Anco in terms of operations, customer uptake and improved relationships with their customers. By integrating the website, app and logistics into one central hub the business is in position to grow and flourish for the next decade and beyond.

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