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What is ASP Development

ASP.NET is an ideal application for organisations wanting a secure and integrated web app to compliment your website, member portals, audio and visual content libraries, databases etc.

ASP NET is a popular open source web development platform created, developed and backed by Microsoft that runs on the Windows operating system. ASP.NET is an extension of the .NET developer platform which offers tools and libraries of data and functionality specifically catered for building web apps including websites and online services. We are extremely proficient in the ASP.NET backend framework and have a team of digital platform technicians that can create amazing web apps tailored to your business. Based on the requirements of the ASP Development project, we would determine whether the front end development would utilise C# or Visual Basic.

At Sharp Instincts, we take care in developing user-friendly, engaging and vibrant web applications. Our exceptionally quick and secure applications will help your business safely navigate its objectives and achieve the goals that is has set out accomplish.

Why you should use an agency for your
ASP development project?

What is ASP development used for?

If you are looking to create a safe and secure website for your organisation or business, ASP.NET should be a considered a viable option. ASP is also an excellent choice if you are looking to create a web application that can integrate with your website. This could include member portals, loyalty programs, personalised web experiences, integrated audio and visuals, database retrieval, search functionality and much more.

The level of customisation with ASP is vast meaning we can tailor it effectively to your business in a secure and protected manner that not all other open platforms readily offer. We can help you create dynamic websites and customised applications using a trusted, known and secure programming platform that provides the essentials with more without the expensive price tag.

Why is ASP development popular?

Many organisations turn to ASP development because it is easy, secure, customisable and flexible. You can configure amazing web applications with a creative approach that you can control. ASP.NET offers fast speeds because the code that is used to build the website is compiled only once before the data is presented on a user’s device. In simple terms, if a user accesses your website that has been built on the ASP.NET programming framework, the website will load quicker because the code does not have to be read and interpreted before displaying the output. ASP.NET development costs are also generally lower compared to other types of programming platforms (e.g. Magento). Given it is a Microsoft product, you can also readily use other Microsoft products to enhance the functionality. For example, you can use Microsoft SQL for the database functionality. Also, most ASP.NET applications use Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server). IIS is available for all versions of Microsoft Windows at no additional cost. With the release of ASP.NET Core in 2016 the cross utilisation of the programming language on Linux and MacOS means that you can use cheaper web hosting services available through those other operating systems.

Even thought ASP.NET is open source and free to use, it’s owner Microsoft actively supports its development. There is also a growing community of ASP.NET developers who contribute to the plethora of integrated functionalities within the platform. Microsoft continuously release new updates that offer new features and enhances ASP.NET’s capabilities to ensure it remains a leader in its class. This is advantageous to users who want to avoid developing workarounds when bugs or faults have been detected. Microsoft supports ASP.NET with regular quality testing to ensure that it continues to maintain its market share. With its reputation on the line, Microsoft continuously invests in the programming framework and allocates its resources carefully to ensure that the framework has no vulnerabilities and proves useful to the developers that apply it to their applications. Also, given the Microsoft backing, the framework benefits from Microsoft’s information security controls.

ASP development is built for SEO

You can optimise your ASP.NET web app with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Search Engine Optimisation is a must for any organisation wanting to create a long-lasting and reliable web presence. Without SEO integration in your website or web app your presence may be under represented in the highly saturated market of web services. It is crucial that you engage with a knowledgeable digital marketing specialist or digital marketing agency who will audit your existing web app, and subsequently make recommendations to uplift its SEO positioning.

Once your existing channels have been optimised, we can then check to see how your new development can be optimised with leading SEO techniques. SEO helps to complete your web exposure so that your organisation is made visible to those who are likely to engage and convert. When partnering ASP.NET technology with market tested SEO techniques, there are large opportunities for businesses who are looking to grow.

Why is ASP development popular?

Partnering with a digital marketing expert for ASP development will help you achieve the results you are looking for. We support both small and large organisations with dedicated and hands-on specialists who have experience developing successful and highly effective web apps using the ASP.NET programming framework.

We continuously keep up-to-date with all changes and developments so that we can service you with the best support available. At Sharp Instincts, our qualified, experienced and specialised team can enhance your digital presence and web applications using ASP.NET. Let us help your business grow as we optimise your digital footprint with a well-recognised programming framework. For a no obligation and confidential discussion, please call us on 1800 189 787 to arrange a meeting.

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