What is Collateral?

Your media toolkit. Also known as marketing collateral, this is what you need to promote your brand.

Collateral is an intrinsic part of your print and digital story; in fact, it is what tells your story to your audience. Any material that is custom to your brand is considered collateral. While print marketing was the main source of brand marketing in the past, now the internet opens the door to an endless and exciting world of collateral options. eBooks, e-magazines, blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, flyers, invitations, personalised emails, surveys, infographics, how-to-videos, instruction manuals and more are examples of collateral.

Equipping your brand with a diverse collection of collateral will enable you to promote your specific goals for your business. With the guidance of expert brand strategists in Melbourne, you can arm your brand with the most relevant content for your collateral. Each media item serves a specific purpose and should be designed to target your audience in the right way and at the right time during their engagement with your brand. Let’s talk about your optimal collateral.

What are the key questions to consider when building your collateral?

Why use Collateral

From marketing strategy to collateral creation

Of course, creativity is an essential ingredient to turning buyer attention your way. Science and planning are also crucial. If you follow the process of building a marketing plan that is relevant to identified target audiences, the collateral types will almost naturally present themselves as the best options to captivate your audience. By putting yourself in your ideal consumer’s mind, you can pair your message with their needs to create a perfectly timed marketing win. This will propel your marketing ROI’s (return on investment) to success.

Strategy is about good timing, good judgement, and good preparation. If possible, invest the time in your marketing strategy to consider the upcoming time periods, goals and business targets. This outline will guide your collateral. A talented creative marketing agency can provide in-depth knowledge to prepare and execute diverse collateral to showcase your brand. Whether this involves an exclusively digital approach or a mixed approach combining print and online media, be open to the various opportunities at your fingertips.

Sharp Instincts best approach to collateral

In line with Sharp Instincts customised approach, every marketing strategy we deliver will be carefully considered and precisely executed for maximum results. Our buyer identification research dictates the direction and channels to promote client offerings. Ongoing strategic analysis is part of the process to ensure collateral reflects the story and aims of your business. We professionally roll out your campaigns and newly formed content in collaboration with our graphic designers, in-house production experts, copywriters, data specialists and brand managers.

Ever sharp. We keep our eyes and ears open to investigate the latest local, national and global trends in marketing collateral opportunities. From mobile applications to brand videos, event planning and more, we can place your brand ahead of competitors by crafting vibrant and attention-grabbing assets. We embrace each opportunity to showcase your value propositions in a meaningful way for a positive audience response. Most of all, we circle back to your key mantra at each touchpoint to remain consistent to your narrative.

The future is exciting

Next generation technology is opening unchartered possibilities for collateral in Melbourne and beyond. Mixed media, live interactive webinars, virtual reality, interactive quizzes are some of the ways that digital promo is making customer engagement a true experience.  And whilst you may not need to implement ultra-high-tech collateral into your business marketing strategy, it doesn’t hurt to consider delivering your messages differently. Even within each style of brand promotion, advancements are happening quickly. For example, email marketing can track and target particular customers to re-visit items they once considered and follow up with promo codes to close the sale.

Smart use and management of your collateral will hold your business in good stead for growth. Keep in mind that each of your promotional assets will become the living history of your brand. Whilst you move your brand into the future, it is necessary to treat every marketing opportunity in the present as a piece of your story that will be online for years to come. Importantly, for new brands entering the virtual world, be sure that your branding encompasses your core message and positioning from the get-go.

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