Android App Development Melbourne

What is Android App Development?

Capturing a large market share of Android users, a well-designed and custom Android App can take your business to the next level.

Android app development is the practice of designing, developing and launching an app to be used by Android software users on the Google Play Store. Android apps sit in a different marketplace to iPhone (iOS) apps which are hosted on the Apple App Store. These differing marketplaces require different coding and compatibility and hence are developed separately. At Sharp Instincts, we specialise in all types of app development, including Android. If you have an idea and want to convert that into a user-friendly, practical and functioning app, we have the expertise and skills to deliver the results that you want. We have developed many apps for organisations large and small including complex apps with many features and integrations to satisfy the needs of the business. Whether you want to create an app that displays your content, integrates your eCommerce platforms, improves your logistics & transport, links to other business-integrated apps or solves a problem, we can certainly help you.

Android is a popular operating system for smart devices both globally and here in Australia (of which it has approximately 50% market share). Most people own mobile phones, tablets, smartwatches and other smart devices which operate using the Android system. To connect with these users, it is important that your web presence is optimised for mobile interaction. Otherwise, you will miss many opportunities with your target market. Searching using a mobile device is a very common practice amongst all groups and many browse the internet with a mobile device. Given its portability, accessibility and overall convenience, use of mobile and smart devices is rising globally for social interaction, business and professional work, transactions, troubleshooting, pass-time and general browsing purposes. If your business is looking to improve how it can personalise and tailor its offer to its customers, then your Android app development project should be strongly considered.

Android App Development Melbourne

Android Apps can offer a personalised customer experience

Everyone prefers convenience. If you can connect with your users easily within your own branded app, the user doesn’t have to search for your website, look at potential competitors and can purchase your products or services with minimal effort. An app offers users the ability to engage with your brand uniquely, allowing them to control their engagement and interaction with your business.

Apps offer personalisation that enables each user to experience your business through a unique lens that suits their requirements. This is a great way to connect better with your users, grow your conversion rate and build interest in your business. Since an increasing number of businesses have developed apps, ensuring you remain competitive may require you to develop an app of your own. Otherwise, you risk your business being out-hustled and not taking advantage of the available technological opportunities. Appealing to mobile users is a key to success in the modern environment given the amount of traffic that will be driven by this device. To ensure that you capture their attention and retain their interest in your business, offering them a personalised app has a lot of weight in customer retention.

How can we help with Android App development?

We help organisations develop apps that are user-friendly, effective and meaningful. We discourage our clients from developing complex apps that make use complicated, thereby detracting from the user experience. Making sure that your app reflects the purpose of your business and adequately displays the products or purpose in a clear manner is key to success. If built correctly, an app provides you with the opportunity to increase brand engagement, trust and, hopefully, customer loyalty.

As experts in Android app development in Melbourne, we will ensure that your product is free of bugs, navigation problems, security issues, poor UX experiences or other flaws that will compromise the confidence of an app user. That is why we recommend engaging a professional and expert development team who are specialists. At Sharp Instincts, we live and breathe digital marketing, app design & app development. We can even help clients whose apps are already built but need to be further improved or developed to get a better outcome.

What is our Android App build process?

We offer a transparent, agile, flexible and customised approach for our Android app development process. Much of our process centres on understanding the business, your current pain points and what the app is expected to deliver. After our discussion, we recommend what works best and discuss it with you so that you are comfortable with our approach. At a high level, this is our process to work effectively with you.

  • Initial discussion: Before we begin, we sit with you to hear and read your needs and requirements. We ensure that we understand your organisation and goals so that we tailor our services to you. We take time to understand your expectations and discuss the whole plan of attack with you for your review and approval. This provides transparency to our approach and helps us align our work with your strategy.
  • Creative process: Our team of marketing experts, android app developers, digital technicians and engineers will work together to prepare a roadmap for the app. That way we can ensure you comfortable with the app development process. We will not proceed until you are satisfied so that we know that our work will exceed your expectations. We will prepare preliminary designs, engage in multiple discussions, work with you to understand any pain points, understand what you would like to us to focus on to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Development: Following your approval, our skilled and experienced team will commence the build of the app. The build goes through various review processes so that you have comfort in knowing that multiple team members have looked at it. Furthermore, we engage our specialists carefully so that you have the right people working on the job. We then share a test version of the app (that is not live on the app stores) so that you can assess its functionality and provide feedback.
  • Launch: Following your approval, our skilled and experienced team will finalise the development and prepare the app for launch. We can further support you with a tailored marketing campaign so that your app can receive maximum exposure post-launch. All apps have potential and if positioned correctly in the market, can help provide a significant growth arm for the business. Following the launch, we can help with maintenance plans, minor or major updates and general consultation.

What is mobile SEO for android apps?

Mobile app SEO is the process of optimising your mobile app so that it appears in front of more people, gets downloaded more and ultimately used more. There are millions of apps in the Android Play Store (Google Play), so it is important that your app is easy to find, relevant to the person searching and appears highly in the search results. Often, a user of your website or services may have navigated to your app because of a direct link, eDM or targeting advertising (Google Ads). If the user has had no engagement with your business, and you don’t want to pay per download, focus on mobile SEO for Android apps. Each app store has unique SEO optimisation techniques (similar to Google search), so it is important to develop a strategy that works for Android.

Our team of dedicated SEO professionals can prepare an SEO and digital marketing strategy that is tailored to your app, your needs and your objectives. We work with you to analyse your requirements so that your app is elevated to the level you desire and communicates well with your target market. Most often, app owners who have not done any SEO will typically opt for minor enhancements. Although this sounds simple, there is an art in understanding what techniques matter so that they have maximum effect.

Why partner with Sharp Instincts to build your Android app?

It is important to engage an expert Android app development agency that understands your business and is able to bring your vision to life. We provide a fully transparent and agile approach to work, meaning that you have a full view of the entire development process. While we focus on the technical bits, you guide us with what you want to achieve from an operational perspective. We are flexible in our approach and ensure to take you through the app development journey together. As a partner with you in the process, if we feel that you might not be on the right track, we will let you know. All tasks are scoped and priced appropriately so that it aligns to your business plan and accelerate your business’s growth. Our end-to-end service provides you with confidence that we will manage the delivery and keep you informed the whole way.

App Development Melbourne

We are Android App development company and have successfully helped many organisations with the design, development and launch of an app. We understand why apps are important, how to build them correctly and how to successfully maintain and update them over time. Your app should reflect your business, values and product suite. We take time to understand why your business exists, so that we ensure the app developed speaks true to your business. To get started, let us know your interest so that we can reach out to you to have a discussion. For a confidential and no-obligation discussion, call us on 1800 512 124.

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