What is WordPress Development

WordPress Development refers to the process of coding for a WordPress site or application. WordPress is written in a PHP programming and scripting language to enable it to display dynamic interactive websites. When we are creating a WordPress development project, it is written using PHP as the script language. WordPress has become one of the most popular web platforms because it is Open Source. Open Source platforms facilitate global collaboration because the primary source code is “open” and shared amongst users. The other predominant reason WordPress has become so popular is because you don’t have to learn PHP in order to run and manage a WordPress website. WordPress was built as a blogging platform so the Content Management System (CMS) is easy to use and has many readily available plugins that can be setup without any developer knowledge.

With all plugins however there are levels of complexities and complications that come with utilising an off-shelf the solution. Custom WordPress development will likely give you a better outcome, however this will come at a higher cost. WordPress development allows you to tailor and customise your WordPress website to your business, ensuring you get the best outcome. For example you may want to integrate live appointment bookings, customise your payment facilities, add a tool to calculate pricing estimates or integrate with a third party website. In all of these scenarios you will need to undertake WordPress Development, ideally with experienced developers who have excellent PHP knowledge.

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WordPress development projects

What are the key considerations when engaging an agency for WordPress development?


Does the agency have some example work they can share?

Can you speak to any of their previous clients?

How complex are the previous projects?


Does a plugin already exist that we could utilise?

If we do purchase a plugin how much customisation is required?

If there is a plugin is it from a widely reputed company?


How many developers will be put on our project?

What sort of experience do they have in WordPress development?

How are the developers in terms of hitting timelines for projects?


How is the project delivery versus milestones being managed?

What will be the payment arrangement for the milestones?


How are we managing the cost? Will it be total project or hourly?

What are the payment terms for the WordPress project?


How are we measuring success for the WordPress development?

Are we aligning this dev. project to business performance?

Why you should use an agency for your WordPress development project?

Expertise in WordPress

There are a large pool of WordPress developers that exist in the market. The challenge however is to find high quality, reliable and experienced WordPress Developers who have worked on a large number of projects. Going it alone or using freelancers to plug holes in your website often leaves you with difficulty updating your website, speed and performance issues as well as exposing your code to people you don’t have a relationship with. With internet security being of paramount importance these days, we would suggest you ask any agency how will your data and website security be managed.

If you are weighing up a few different competitors whose WordPress Development you like, we would suggest looking at the following;

  • Review their portfolio
  • Speak to their existing clients
  • Confirm how they will host your website (if this is applicable)
  • Ask them how to plan to improve page speed
  • Confirm which plugins they use and which they build custom
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Plugins are short term solutions

The millions of plugins that are readily available on WordPress often tempt you to just install it for minimal cost as what seems to be an easy solution. The problem with this approach however, is that it results in a short term win, but often, long term pain. Some of those issues we have encountered from clients integrating plugins include;

  • Slowing down the website significantly
  • Breaking the site for future updates
  • Exposing their sites to hacking & security flaws
  • Incompatibility with other third party softwares they are running
  • Ongoing long term costs to run the plugin (e.g custom forms)
  • Additional customisation required after installing the plugin
  • Server errors resulting from untried plugins
  • Wiping existing data from a website
  • Limiting future customisation or WordPress Development

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WordPress Development allows customisation

Utilising experienced WordPress development agencies allows you to integrate your website into all arms of your business. As businesses continue to migrate towards technology and digital solutions, having the freedom to leverage off your website through custom WordPress development will enable your business to continue to evolve. Some examples of custom WordPress development we have completed include;

  • Building a turf calculator to determine how much grass you need for your lawn
  • Integrate shipping and logistics from around the globe
  • Integrate online booking platforms
  • Integrating accounting suites
  • Integrate third party marketplace websites
  • Created custom real estate portfolios including a PDF brochure
  • Custom website booking platforms
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Why should I partner with Sharp Instincts for my WordPress Development?

When looking for an agency to partner with for your WordPress development project, we can offer our expertise and proof of a large portfolio of websites completed. We live and breath WordPress and will act not only as your coding arm, but also as an advisor to help you get the best outcome for the lowest cost for your business.

WordPress Development Melbourne

If you are looking for a WordPress Development partner that will work efficiently, understand timeline delivery, cost effective and value stakeholder management then Sharp Instincts is the right agency for you. We would love to hear about your upcoming project and look forward to working with you on it!

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WordPress Development – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

There are a swathe of crucial factors in a successful WordPress development project including high quality WordPress Developers, stakeholder management, resource allocation, agile software developments & structured testing across a number of devices and platforms.

There are positive and negatives with local and overseas based development teams. At Sharp Instincts, we run a hybrid approach which means you get the best local designers and project managers coupled with our own expert overseas development teams. This ensures we remain price competitive however you still receive an amazing end product.

We have a delivered a large number of WordPress projects with varying levels of skills and integrations. Our ability to deliver custom solutions based around your business objectives ensures you get the best outcome with the greatest Return On Investment (ROI).

Worpress is considered SEO friendly because it accommodates SEO solutions. SEO optimisation for WordPress enabled sites and builds is simple and requires a bit of knowledge and skill to get it right.

There are many aspects of SEO optimisation for WordPress. We have developed bespoke methodologies that have proven results to elevate your brand and organisation. SEO score maintenance does require ongoing efforts, so a regular plan is key to success.

We understand that no one likes delays, incomplete loads or disruptions. To speed up the load of a WordPress website, there are many things that can be done. Optimising content, removing unnecessary plugins, enabling cookies and cache are a few examples. For other great tips, let us see how we can help you.

WordPress themes are easy to customise if you understand the language and operation. We have a team of skilled and experienced developers who can customise your build to suit your exact needs and requirements.

No. WordPress still requires a degree of knowledge and skill to use. While many strive to complete the build exercise on their own, some do struggle to complete the project and others often encounter problems that they cannot diagnose or resolve.

WooCommerice is a plugin that seamlessly integrates with WordPress. In addition, more than 500 sites are built each day using WordPress, while only 60-80 sites per day are built on platforms that integrate with Shopify or Squarespace.

WooCommerce is a plugin that integrates with WordPress. Both functionalities speak the same PHP language and use open-source software with similar licensing permissions. If you have a WordPress site build, you can include an eCommerce solution with ease.

WordPress has more than a 60% market share of the Content Management System market. Many people prefer WordPress because of its history, ease of use, flexibility and customisation possibilities. With many plugins, you can build a complete and functional site without delay.

To operate an effective WordPress website, we recommend you consider the plugins that make sense to you. There is little point in having endless plugins that you do not use as that can affect site performance. Plugins such as Yoast, Contact From 7 and Lightspeed Cache are recommended.

WordPress is a great tool to use when designing, developing and maintaining eCommerce sites. Rather than worrying about the technicalities, look at the outputs and make up your mind based on whether that results suit what you require.

Yes, you can make direct changes to your wordpress website. Understand the basic concepts of wordpress. Keep an expert beside you, if you are making heavy changes.

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