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WordPress, API Integration with BOM


The Summer Parlour & Winter Parlour campaigns over the last few years has emerged as a consistent driver in encouraging foot traffic to retail store locations. The critical element in this promotion is the ability to accurately showcase a single point of truth for the weather so Pancake Parlour can run their in-store promotions hassle free.


Sharp Instincts has integrated with the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) via an API to accurately showcase the live temperature from a specific location (Melbourne Airport). Providing a live data feed is critical in ensuring customers are aware when a promotion is live. Once the temperature hits the required designation, the promotion shows active until 12am when the campaign resets. Users can even track these results versus the BOM’s own data so they can assess when the next temparture update will be available.


Summer Parlour & Winter Parlour has been an overwhelming success for Pancake Parlour. The number of in-store redemptions in conjunction with Pancake Parlours app has resulted in excellent ROI for the business.

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