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Pancake Parlour has a strong social media army and high levels of engagement with their audience. In an effort to continue to interact with their audience as well as grow their new lovely rewards program Pancake Parlour turned to Sharp Instincts for support an upcoming promotion. The promotion was that anytime the weather reached over 30 degrees Celsius, signed up users would be eligible for a “summer treat”. The problem however is that with so many weather apps and differing points for the exact temperature Pancake Parlour needed to provide a transparent point of truth that everybody would be happy with.


To ensure accuracy and transparency in the results, Sharp Instincts integrated the live temperature feed directly from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) and at a specific measuring tower point at Melbourne Olympic Park. The idea behind the strategy was to provide one clear point of truth for both Pancake Parlour and it’s customers.


The outcome for Pancake Parlour was a live temperate that not only functioned exactly how it was supposed to but delivered in terms of results & redemptions to the bottom line for Pancake Parlour. A well integrated and strategically created campaign helped increase sales in terms of redemptions as well as increasing the average customer spend per a visit.

"Sharp Instincts solution in a timely and efficient manner helped us achieve our goals in terms of redemptions and sales figures. Thanks Sharp Instincts."

Marketing Manager

The Numbers

  • 51%

    Increased Customer Spend Per Visit

  • 205%

    Increase in Sign Up To Dollar Rewards

  • 10,000+

    Clicks On The Live Temperature