Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a science. It is a term used to describe machines that have intelligent features. AI machines can think, behave and respond in ways that are similar to how human minds operate. Use of AI is gaining greater momentum due to advances in technology. In the near future, AI is going to impact every sector of the economy, including the growing digital landscape. There is a role for AI in Digital Marketing. This industry will see a lot more from this technology. It is the time for business owners and digital marketers to learn about this technology so that they can use it wisely for better marketing results. AI is going to be a game changer for businesses that experience problems in collecting accurate data and insights due to human error. Imagine collecting relevant and accurate data in one platform without incurring any human error. Sounds interesting? Well yes, it is going to be interesting because these possibilities are available. Today, we are going to learn about AI in Digital Marketing. Being a digital marketer myself, I am always attracted to new technology and inventions.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

AI in Digital Marketing

The use of AI would be lot easier to understand with examples. Let’s take a few examples where we can use AI in Digital Marketing.

Content Generation

Imagine a technology where you can correct, generate and modify content with ease. Few large organisations such as Forbes, BBC, The New York Times and CBS use applications such as WordsmithArticoolo, and Quill to create news articles. These AI content generators provide an option where authors of news articles can fill in the blanks to enter data and keywords to create unique content. The result is that the article looks like a human generated it and the author has written the article in a shorter period of time with fewer errors.

Email Marketing

Some businesses need personalised email marketing campaigns where they can manage ROI and generate business with the help of technology and without human input. This can be achieved using AI-based platforms. AI technology can scan and perform data analysis on large datasets. You can receive consumer behaviour insights based on data within minutes with the help of AI. In addition, you can conduct A/B testing more efficiently with AI-enabled platforms. Some tools such as PersadoBoomtrain, and Phrasee can help you to apply AI into your email marketing campaigns.

Advertising Campaigns

Advertising is no doubt the most successful method of generating business leads instantly. Every business needs to engage in strategic advertising for expansion and better business leads. Most of the platforms for advertising are driven by technology. AI can add more value if it is used in advertising platforms. Let’s take the example of the AI tool Adext. With the help of Adext, you can operate your Facebook and Google Adwords platform automatically. You can optimise the performance of advertisement campaigns with Adext. Its AI algorithm can enhance your advertising campaigns by:

  • managing your budget by the hour;
  • incorporating conversion goals; and
  • developing smarter campaigns.

Artificial Intelligence in SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has greater potential with AI. AI inventions such as Google Voice, Alexa, Siri and Cortana are having a huge impact on searches and search engine results. Voice searches are different to text searches because these searches are based on conversational language. A voice search doesn’t contain typical keywords which we type while doing a search. In order to enable SEO through voice searches, Google introduced RankBrain back in 2015. RankBrain is an algorithm update in Google Search. It is a machine learning technology that helps to deliver better search results. RankBrain is part of Google’s overall Search algorithm, the key software program that is used to line up the billions of pages in an order which are most related to the search term/s inputted. If Rankbrain sees a word or phrase that it isn’t familiar with, the machine can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the results accordingly. This tool makes it more effective at handling never-before-seen search queries or keywords.


Chatbots are another good example of AI in Digital Marketing. Most businesses use chatbots to interact with users. Some chatbots such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, are commonly used among the public through Facebook’s marketing channels. In addition to these tools, business owners are also using customised chatbots that are tailored for their business. This technology is changing the customer experience for the better. Since nobody likes to wait in long queues to have their issue heard and resolved, chatbots make it easy for customers and businesses to keep the interaction alive with prompt responses. I hope these examples of AI in Digital Marketing have helped you understand the world of possibilities. Now let’s learn about the benefits of using AI in Digital Marketing.

Benefits of Using AI in Digital Marketing

Benefits of Using AI in Digital Marketing

Increase Efficiency

AI helps complete tasks efficiently. You can drive your campaigns more efficiently and more effectively with the help of AI. Efficient marketing campaigns are the key for business growth. It can improve sales, and it can help business owners generate greater revenue.


Imagine you have to conduct analysis on lots of data. The data has many fields and entries. It will require a large amount of time and lots of effort. Also, the chance of human error occurring is high, which could be another flaw in the analysis process. You can avoid this by using AI. It can save you time and the possibility of error would be low. You can use the time saved to create strategies for business expansion.

Cost Effective

AI platforms are cost-effective. Using an AI tool will cost you less than engaging full-time employees. Since it is a bot, the likelihood of human error will be nil. This helps keep other costs down when human error causes problems. AI platforms can perform more tasks than humans within a shorter period of time, which saves you money.

Helps in achieving Production goals

A business can generate amazing results for its customers if it has the following attributes:

  • less investment with better results;
  • strong customer satisfaction;
  • greater production in less time;
  • responsible time management; and
  • effective marketing strategies.

All these attributes can be achieved and maintained by using AI-enabled tools. Being a Digital Marketing Agency Melbourne,  Australia, I believe it is the right time to adopt AI-enabled platform and use it for effective Digital Marketing. With the ability to derive accurate data and insights, AI can help you grow your business more effectively.  

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