How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App in Melbourne?


In the relentlessly growing digital sphere, the question reverberating through the vibrant city of Melbourne is profound: “What is the cost of developing an application?” At Sharp Instincts, we comprehend that this inquiry extends beyond mere fiscal considerations – it delves into the realms of vision, purpose, and unwavering dedication to crafting digital experiences that resonate with authenticity.

At Sharp Instincts, we have supervised app development projects, including a custom-built app for Anco Instant Turf to simplify purchasing for both retail and trade customers, Tobin Brothers Funerals, which provides information on funeral services in the market and Gateway Health, an app for motherhood advice across regional Victoria.

Amidst a landscape where corporate forces seek to commodify creativity, rendering it a mere product, we stand firm – a beacon for the audacious visionaries yearning to breathe life into their digital dreams. Meticulously sculpted to harmonise with each client’s unique requirements, our ethos has a pedestal that app development in Melbourne at Sharp Instincts is considered an art form, an amalgamation of technical mastery and creative vision.

App Development Across Platforms

Whether you envision a sleep iOS app tailored for Apple’s seamless ecosystem, an Android app – most used in mobile operating systems, or a dynamic web app that transcends platform boundaries, our skilled developers possess the expertise to bring your concept to life.

Our team thoroughly understands the nuances of Apple’s Human Interact Guidelines for iPhone app development, ensuring that all the apps we create look stunning and abide by the principles of utility and intuitive design our customers look for in iPhone app development. From leveraging cutting-edge Apple frameworks like SwiftUI and ARKit to optimising performance and battery life, we leave no stone unturned in delivering an exceptional iOS experience that truly stands out in the App Store.

In the space of Android app development, we embrace the open-source nature of the platform, allowing us to push boundaries and experiment with visionary features and functionalities. Our app developers at Sharp Instincts are well-versed in the latest Android SDK, Jetpack libraries, and tools like Android Studio. This enables them to craft visually appealing and highly responsive apps, seamlessly integrating with the diverse range of Android devices. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your app takes full advantage of the latest Android OS updates.

For businesses that are seeking a cross-platform solution, our expertise extends to web app development. Leveraging the power of modern web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular, and progressive web app (PWA) capabilities, we create dynamic and engaging web applications that give a compatible and immersive experience across desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Our team of app developers is focused on performance optimisation using techniques like code splitting, lazy loading and coaching. These ensure that your web app runs smoothly, regardless of the user’s device or internet connection speed.

The Cost of App Development in Melbourne

Cost Of App Development


Determining the cost involved in developing an app has various components, monetising the value of each work efficiently put in by our team. All of these aspects are intricately intertwined with the next. It is a symphony of elements, comprising the visionary scope of the project, the technical complexities involved, the desired features and functionalities, the platforms targeted and the level of aesthetic sophistication sought.

The typical amount involved in developing an app is explained and dissected below:

  • Server fees: $10 – $10,000
  • Apple and Android Developer Accounts: Google tolls $25 (one-time payment) for Android developer’s account, and Apple costs $99/membership year to register for the Apple developer program.
  • The cost of maintaining an app depends on a fair amount of factors, such as user feedback and Google or Apple OS updates. At Sharp Instincts, with each year of maintenance, we save up to 15%-20% of your app development and maintenance budget.
  • Another factor that plays a crucial role in app development is the involvement of third-party services. Third-party services provide automated chat, collaborative tools, DNS services, and more for $100-$500 per month.

Our team at Sharp Instincts is comprised of highly skilled and quick-witted workers in the app development industry in Melbourne. The cost mentioned above can vary depending on:

  • Complexity and functionality: The cost of app development in Melbourne entirely depends on your requirements. More hours will be put into development if there are more extensive requirements. Some requirements include whether the app should work online and offline if the app always has to be connected to the internet to be fully functional.
  • iOS or Android or both: An increase in conversation rate and sales is achieved with the help of mobile apps for business owners. iOS apps are cheaper and faster to design compared to their Android counterparts. Mobile app development is a rapidly growing industry in Australia, with iOS and Android being the two most popular mobile operating systems.
  • Whether the app would require adding new features: Adding new features to the app might take your budget up a notch, but it will also help your app to grow. To keep the process simple, our developers also help by providing alternative options or helping you keep the app’s basic functionality running.
  • Size of the app: Most commonly used apps are native, hybrid, or web-based. To curate a budget for your app, you must identify the type of app you envisage. The size of the app is a factor that plays a massive role in the number of views, feature complexity, integration, number of platforms and what specific features you need for your app, all of which define the cost of app development in Melbourne. App projects are divided into three categories:
  • Small: Apps in this category have limited integration and a single platform. With 5-8 screens, a small app project costs over $200,000.
  • Medium: These apps have simple integration and contain 10-15 screens. It provides a cross-platform and costs between $200,000 and $600,000.
  • Large: A large app contains multiple personas, is fully native, has numerous platforms, and has complex integration into existing systems. It will cost over $1,000,000.

Sharp Instincts: Your App Development Experts

The development process at Sharp Instincts is a comprehensive approach as we do detailed testing and quality assurance. Our dedicated QA team meticulously tests every app we create on all devices, operating system versions, and real-world scenarios, ensuring that our apps meet and outdo industry standards for reliability, usability and performance. We heavily emphasise security, implementing best practices for data encryption, secure authentication and protection against any possible cyber threats.

Our approach to app development is holistic, where every – from conception to deployment – is imbued with a profound understanding of the intricate complexities that underpin this art form. We work closely with our clients, engaging in a collaborative process that involves understanding their unique requirements, target audience and business goals. This allows us to craft a tailored solution that meets and exceeds expectations.

One key consideration is language; while English dominates the internet, not all countries speak it. To address this, strategies such as creating multilingual websites using Google tools, crafting culturally sensitive content, and adhering to local regulations can significantly enhance international reach. We have linguistically and culturally aware workers who can help with their reliable opinions in case a customer requires multiple languages as an additional feature. If managed incorrectly, the impact can be insensitive, degrading to reputation and culturally inappropriate.

In order to ease the process of app development in Melbourne, our team of app developers is ready to opine on concepts, designs, and costs. Allow your business to be the best it can be. Contact Sharp Instincts today to turn your idea into digital reality.

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