How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company in Melbourne

Presently, companies are searching for innovative ways to engage with their consumers and thus stay on top of their minds at all times. Mobile applications perfectly fulfil this purpose. Additionally, it helps the organization understand their customer better and adjust their marketing strategies, ultimately improving their engagement and sales.

Today multiple agencies offer mobile app development services, but the question that keeps bothering is whom to trust to deliver a unique, scalable, robust, high-performing app. 

Therefore, we’ve compiled this guide to help you understand what points to consider when choosing a mobile app development company in Melbourne that gives your app the best chance of success.

9 Tips to Choose a App Development Service in Melbourne

Experience –

It’s important to choose an agency with hands-on experience developing and delivering apps. Refrain from being lured by what they say; instead, check out their years of experience and success rate to validate their credibility.

Mobile app portfolio –

After preparing a list of targeted companies, the next step is to check their portfolio. Ask the company if they have worked on a similar project. Pay close attention to both how their apps look and perform. Assess the following- their success rate on the Play Store/ App Store, return on investment, user reviews, time duration required for creation, technical expertise, ease of engagement, users’ response to the app, among others. All this will give you a glimpse into their experience and skill set.

Team Strength with Technical Expertise –

Ensure the digital marketing agency has a well-established team of certified mobile app developers. They must be updated with the latest technology and user behaviour, thus helping you create an app that speaks volumes to your users. When there is a large team, you’ll be assigned a team leader, technical analyst and project manager who will constantly be in touch with you.

Strong communication channel / Open communication –

Clear, open, and strong communication channel is a must between the client and the app developer. It helps ensure that everyone is informed and achieving the expected outcome, and accelerating the process. When hiring, ensure that the company is enthusiastic about your project, is open to various modes of communication like email, chat, and calls, and shares progress reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

Effective pricing –

Another important factor to consider is pricing. Be mindful, and don’t fall for lower prices because you’ll get what you pay. The app development process involves various stages involving the expertise of multiple professionals. The pricing depends on the choice of platform, technology, design, functionality and more. When estimating project costs, ask the potential companies to provide a detailed cost breakdown for transparency.

Determine the App’s Purpose –

Identify the aim and the purpose for which you need the app. Do you want it to send push notifications or act as a payment gateway, e-commerce platform, or any other platform? This will help you determine the important features you want in your app. Accordingly, you can prioritize those on your must-have list. The company that assures you to implement them can get an edge over the others.

Quality Assurance and Reliable Testing Methods –

After creating an app, many times, the apps face bugs or malfunction. On facing repeated errors, users eventually lose interest. So to avoid this, before launching the app on Play Store or App Store, companies must use cutting-edge Quality Assurance (both automated and human) techniques. Ensure that the company provides quality assurance and reliable testing methods.

Protection of an idea –

Every month, thousands of apps are released. Thus, securing your innovative app idea is crucial to ensuring your app is the first to market or that your intellectual property is protected. Your app idea and your intellectual property should be protected during the development, and a professional app development business should be able to offer you a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

Support and Maintenance –

A few modifications and upgrades are inevitable after an app launch. So opt for a company that is ready to provide maintenance and support for a few months after successfully developing and launching the app. You and the company can also enter into a long-term maintenance and support agreement.

App development Australia

Why choose Sharp Instincts for Mobile App Development In Australia? 

At Sharp Instincts, the app developers have the technical know-how and artistic means to build quality custom apps in Melbourne. Our aim is to optimize your productivity, boost sales and deliver industry-specific tools for a super-engaging customer experience. We understand no two businesses are the same and therefore believe in showcasing the unique value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors.

We follow the below-mentioned step in iOS or Android app Development 

  • When you come to us with an idea for the first time, we workshop it with you to understand your vision and scope out your project accordingly.
  • Then we prepare a mock-up design for you to see the user interface and test the application.
  • During the app creation process, we openly communicate the progress to the client and take their input.
  • We will build an integrated app with analytics on the back end to track user data, interactions and API integrations.
  • We offer Hybrid mobile apps design and development services to build native alike performance-pack hybrid apps with quick turn-​around.


These nine tips will help you choose the perfect mobile app development company in Melbourne. We advise you to choose a partner who can guide you with the right strategy and action plans to create an application that your users can use efficiently.

Looking for an expert? Get in touch with us and build a loyal customer base for your brand.

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