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Are too many options for SEO companies leading to decision paralysis? We bring you some handy tips to help you choose the right marketing partner among the SEO company Melbourne.

In online marketing, search engine optimization is one of the biggest game changers that has the potential to increase business’ visibility amongst its target audience and translate sessions into meaningful business goals. But like any other marketing medium, search engine marketing also requires time, talent, and the right technology to achieve its objective. SEO experts, with specialized knowledge in the field and industry enable businesses to identify opportunities for growth and gain a competitive edge.

Why Should You Hire The Best SEO Company In Australia?

For thousands of businesses, Australia is a highly competitive space where they need to be in cut-throat competition with their counterparts to grab the attention of their potential customers. These businesses try their best to achieve top position, but only a few can gain space on the first page of the search engine, while others slip through the pages or are completely wiped out. To fight and succeed in the competitive space of Australia, a business will need an expert local marketing team who understands the behaviour, motivation, and hesitation of the audience. In other words, the psychology behind their decision-making. For instance, there might be an affinity towards certain kinds of industries and products in Melbourne than in other regions within Australia. So, it becomes important to reach out to a best SEO Agency Melbourne to score wins in that market.

How To Choose The Best SEO Company in Melbourne?

Businesses must invest time in conducting thorough research on agencies they choose to work with the best SEO companies in Melbourne. With multiple agencies claiming to be the best in their field to provide SEO services in Melbourne to its best, it becomes important to identify the one who can not only help deliver results but can also work in tandem with the organization to adapt to the changing market needs. To hire the best SEO Companies in Melbourne for your projects, decide the criteria against which their calibre will be assessed and accordingly, prepare a set of questions that you can pass down to agencies.

Questions You Should Ask While Hiring a Local SEO Company in Melbourne

Once you have shortlisted the agencies you are interested in working with, you can use the questions prepared to finalize the best one. We have created a list of factors you should consider while building your questionnaire:

Local SEO Company Melbourne

  • Agency’s Experience Companies Experience:

Search Engine Optimization does not work in isolation but instead complements other channels including paid advertising, social media, email and more. Not only best SEO company in Australia have specialized SEO professionals but they should also have channel specific teams with comprehensive experience in handling different verticals. If you aim to leverage SEO on a long-term basis, you must adopt a holistic approach and instead hire a team that can provide a mix of all the relevant channels.

SEO Company Melbourne

  • Ask For Case Studies

Reliable organizations keep a track of all the projects they have handled. While looking for an SEO agency for your business, request company’s portfolio and detailed case studies. This will allow you to gauge if the agency has worked in your industry and on a business model like yours and if they have been able to achieve relevant results for the client. If traffic and keyword rankings are all they offer in their reports, look for other options. As important as these metrics are, if they do not translate to relevant business goals like lead generation or sales, then the strategy used by the SEO professionals in the agency has not been successful.

Due to Non-disclosure agreements with their clients, organizations might not be able to share the complete data, but they should be able to share the growth trend against required metrics for the specified industry and business.

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  • Conduct Interviews

It is given that one would want only want specialists to handle their project, especially when the industry is competitive but with everyone claiming to be number one, how can you find the best SEO agency for your business? To leverage search engine optimization in a long run, you need to ensure that your chosen professional understands your business and its objectives. Request the list of SEO specialists from the agency and conduct a thorough interview to assess if they understand your requirements and if they will be able to bring solutions to the table, how updated they are with the current trends and what kind of strategies do they use to achieve their results and if all of them fall under white hat.

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  • Be Wary of 100% Success Rate

Unlike paid advertising that brings immediate results, search engine optimization is a time-consuming process. When used alongside other marketing channels, it lowers advertiser’s reliability on paid channels and drive results with less spend. Search engines like Google roll out updates on regular basis that are bound to impact one’s strategy. Adapting to trends while maintaining consistent growth need expertise but there is no realistic basis behind 100% success rate. Business owners seek guarantees to ensure positive return on investment but when it comes to search engine optimization, any claim of guaranteed returns by best SEO company in Australia or professional SEO experts must ring an alarm.

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  • Assess Your Budget

Before initiating your research on SEO Companies in Australia, assess your organization’s budget allocation strategy and make sure that you have a means to delegate budget to marketing on regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, or yearly). In case you do not have enough budget, we recommend starting basic SEO in-house. But if you do, then, discuss your priority and budget spend upfront with the agency. Try and search for the team that can provide results under your delegated budget but do not try and sign the team that provide extremely low-budget services. The urge to save money on low-budget agencies can lead to heavy losses in the future as they may use grey or black hat methods to achieve the results.


Search Engine Optimization requires as much time in finding the right resources as it would to achieve the desired results. Our list will help you choose the right Melbourne SEO agency for your business. Sharp Instincts has been helping businesses in Australia expand their customer reach and close more deals. Our team consists of a diverse range of strategists, creative specialists and expert developers who can transform any business with a successful digital marketing strategy. Book a consultation with our SEO experts to identify growth opportunities. Share your requirement via form or call us at 1800512124.

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