Top Digital Marketing Tips For New & Existing Agencies From Founder & Director Richard Monheit


In a candid and insightful Q&A, Richard Monheit, Founder & Director of Australian digital marketing agency, Sharp Instincts, shared his journey from corporate into the exciting world of digital marketing. Humble and positive about his success to date, Richard generously offers emerging entrepreneurs in the field some priceless advice. Underpinning the interview, listeners will learn that Sharp Instincts has a very firm ethos—knowledge drives results, and results drive success. Richard explains how listening to clients’ goals for their business is crucial and the only way to find a metric that will be measurable and achievable. It is refreshing to hear Richard discuss some of the unspoken considerations for start-up digital marketing agents.


Attracting New Clients

  • For start-ups, target people you have existing relationships with. They are the ‘stickiest’ or most likely to want to work with and trust you.
  • If you deliver, your initial clients will be happy to refer you.

Building a good team

  • Having a business partner with complementary skills is recommended.
  • Finding good staff is always a challenge, but good staff are crucial to success, as with any business.
  • The staff you find should have the characteristics that align with your company values, i.e., the right level of passion, enthusiasm, motivation etc.
  • A person’s CV doesn’t always tell the whole story. It is worth meeting with potential candidates if possible.

Education for all parties

  • There are plenty of helpful FREE online resources for those working in digital marketing to help you upskill and understand certain concepts.
  • For digital marketing heads, staying informed about new trends and tools is critical. Passing on this new knowledge to your team is also important as it fosters the culture of knowledge-sharing within the team.
  • You can keep your staff educated and interested informally. Simply sharing an interesting article or video with your team can be a good way to educate internally.

Education for All Parties

Leveraging Marketing for Digital-first Audience

The interview took an in-depth look into eCommerce and how SEO can be used to generate sales and boost ROI for a business online. Richard also discussed how a business should be wary of every trend that erupts online and figure out what will actually benefit the team in the long run.

E-Commerce SEO

  • When setting up, you must not overlook on-page SEO. This is essential for ongoing organic success. On-point meta descriptions, title tags, site map. Remove broken links and keep the page relevant.
  • Although time-consuming, quality photographs, descriptions, video content etc., is incredibly worthwhile. It will help drive sales and place you in the pro league.
  • If there is a way to help your customers shop better or smarter, consider giving them what they need—a calculator tool, for instance.
  • Surprisingly, when managed properly, on-page organic SEO will be the quickest driver of success.

Marketing Automation

  • Make sure your approach fits the product you’re trying to sell.
  • Abandoned cart emails should appeal to the size and price of the product, i.e., a good deal or voucher.
  • For high-ticket items or services, customers or clients may need more education about the benefits of what you’re selling. Put yourself in their shoes and give them the critical information before pushing a sale.

Validating Success

  • The starting point of achieving success is truly understanding client objectives. Once you understand a business, you can find the ‘opportunity’ both for you as their strategist and their growth, i.e., targeting commercial sales rather than domestic, creating a tool that will drive sale leads.
  • Finding the ‘opportunity’ requires market research, creativity, and commitment.
  • You need to decide on a metric that can be measured; this can take the form of various measurables, i.e., amount of quote requests, number of sales from the home page etc.
  • A good digital marketing company can monitor and track success from the back end to ensure the strategy is working.



  • Revenue does not always equal profit. For agencies and clients, financial awareness is extremely important to success.
  • For young and emerging agencies, be sure to invest time into every proposal. The work must be worthwhile for you.
  • There are plenty of costs involved in running a digital marketing company, so be sure to put profitability at the forefront when setting up. If this is not your niche, find someone to help with this side of things.

The above key take-outs are just a snippet of the whole story. Watch the valuable interview here —Matt Fraser from Digital Web Solutions with guest speaker Richard Monheit from Sharp Instincts.

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