Facebook Hashtags – New Update to Boost Post Organically

In its recent update, Facebook has announced that you can add hashtags to boost your post organically and improve your organic reach. Follow along to understand the implications of this new development.

Tips To Use Facebook Hashtag

On social media posts or website articles and blogs, hashtags (#) are used to highlight a specific topic or theme. Short and clickable, hashtags work as links that take a reader to posts containing that dedicated hashtag when clicked.

An inherent part of Twitter posts, hashtags were used by people to find someone to follow or partake in conversations related to a specific topic. But soon, other social media apps adopted the technique, and now, hashtags have become an important part of social networking sites. When posting, you need to add # (pound sign) right before the topic you want to talk about or relate your content to. Example – #searchenginemarketing, here is how it looks like:

Tips To Use Hashtag on Facebook:

Figuring out the best way to use hashtags when everyone keeps on using the buzzword “algorithm” can make one reluctant to experiment. We’ve compiled the best tips that will help you get started and lead you to find your own hashtag strategy on social media:

Type in the hashtag relevant to your post, and you will see suggested hashtags and their post count, much similar to Instagram. This will help you gauge their popularity and choose the best ones.

Note: this post count on hashtag and suggestion are not yet implemented for Facebook page, but it works for individual FB profile and Facebook groups.

Overpopulating your posts with #tags is never recommended. Many influencers and companies only use 1-2 relevant hashtags. Try to keep your post neat by using gaps between your main caption and hashtags.


  • Branding your hashtag helps generate targeted traffic. Create your own hashtags and populate them in your posts. The hashtag can be brand-specific, to be used on all the posts or event-specific, to be used on specific occasions only.
  • As it is new on Facebook so you can add your hashtags in your old posts to help them get traction.
    Try to add your hashtag within your caption. Example: “If you are looking for a #marketingagency then call 1800-152-124
  • Adding hashtags as a first comment and encouraging your friends, readers and colleagues to comment with them under your posts will help you get traction, enabling people to find you easily using that keyword.
  • Try to use hashtag #challlenge. It’s very popular on social media and allows you to gain good engagement on your channels. Facebook will enable users participating in the challenge to create an instant post using the hashtag.

Best Practice For Creating Facebook Hashtags

You can use numbers in a hashtag, but not special character and punctuations (% and $). A hashtag should be written as a single word, without any space. Using branded and popular hashtags is always a way to go. Pay attention to what’s trending and leverage moment marketing to life your hashtag game. Example – #suidgame, here is how it looks like:


  • Segment your hashtag strategy into post types and designate specific types of hashtags to specific posts. For instance, using topical hashtags on relevant posts (#SocialMediaDay for example) will help highlight them amongst your audience.
  • Try to use various hashtags such as a mix of popularity hashtags, location-specific hashtags, one word and phrasal hashtags. Few examples are: #DigitalMarketing #DigitalMarkeitngAustralia #Marketing and #DigitalMarketingAgencyMelbourne
  • Do not load your content with many hashtags, system may count it as scam, so be careful with it. Overpopulating posts with a lot of hashtags may trigger the system to consider it as a scam. Be cautious with the frequency and quality.
  • Analise and audit your hashtags regularly to find which hashtags fit best for your engagement.

Post Privacy With Hashtags

Privacy has become a focal point in our day-to-day social media interactions and our interactions with brands. Here are a few things you should know about using hashtags and controlling your privacy on the platform:

  • If you have “Friends Only” privacy in your Facebook profile and you use a hashtag in your post, then your post would be clickable for that hashtag and would display with other posts containing the same hashtag, but only your friends will be able to see your post and interact with it.
  • If your friend comments on your posts with the same hashtag, your posts will still be in “friends only” privacy.
  • If you have “Public” Facebook profile, all your posts would be visible for everyone, with or without hashtag.
  • Also, if someone shares a post with hashtags in a private group and you click on that hashtag, you will see public posts with that specific hashtag but private group posts will only be visible to the group members.

Hashtag Generator

If you are new to this, and you do not know how to generate or create hashtag or what would be the best hashtag for your post, then there are many hashtag generators available on the internet.

One of them is Hashtag Generator, it’s free, and you can find any hashtag with the help of this tool.


All Hashtag is another tool you can check out. Just add a topic you want to create a tag for then, click on generate, and it will give you multiple types of hashtags related to the topic, ready to be used in your posts.


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