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What Is YouTube Shorts

YouTube has always been a platform for entertainment and learning for its audience. The surge in its popularity has seen the emergence of several creators in different niches and the platform continues to evolve its environment to make creation interesting, easy and handy. YouTube has now introduced Shorts, an in-app feature that allows the user to upload short form video content of max 60 seconds.

As attention started becoming a key metric for engagement, TikTok pioneered the space for bite-size video content and since then, it has been incorporated in other social media platforms like Instagram (Reels) and now YouTube.

YouTube Shorts comes with several features including:

Multiple segments camera: With the help of multiple segments camera, you can add multiple video clips from your phone gallery together to your YouTube Shorts’ recording.

Speed Control: With this feature, you can be creative and easily control the video speed while creating your Shorts

Timer and Countdown: You can use this feature to record a video easily and hand free.

Additionally, you can also add caption in your shorts video plus, filters, and audio samples from other shorts to remix your own shorts.

Idea Behind YouTube Shorts:

YouTube introduced Shorts with an intention of retaining its creators’ community and focusing on original creator content that would drive viewers back to the platform while bringing in more new visitors. Also, content creation is a time-consuming process but by shortening the length of what goes to the platform and differentiating it from the main video feed, the platform has provided one more option for people who have been wanting to dive into content creation. It’s a golden chance for newbies, creators, and influencers to go viral and expand their reach to thousands of platform users.

Not only is YouTube pushing Shorts through challenges in collaboration with celebrities like The Weeknd, Camila Cabello and BTS, but it has also launched YouTube Shorts Fund to support creators whose content has generated good numbers against the metrics determined by the platform. The minimum payment is set at $100 and can go up to $10000.

Guidelines and Algorithms Behind Shorts Video:

YouTube has already launched this feature in 100 countries and many creators have already started creating YouTube Shorts but many videos are in queue. So, what are they missing? YouTube has different algorithms for Homepage, Suggestions, and Search.

YouTube is rapidly changing its algorithm for Shorts to improve user experience and help audience watch videos they enjoy the most and stay longer on the platform. Since the algorithm is constantly changinge, it’s difficult to lay it out with certainty. But to get started, if you are not getting traffic through Shorts video, simply follow a few guidelines:

Always use vertical frame to create Shorts videos.

Frame ratio should be 9:16

Make sure that the video quality is set at 720p or higher, as it does not pay attention to low quality videos.

Another factor that plays a huge role in gaining traction for Shorts is your channel’s popularity including channel topic, category, and audience. If your channel is new or small, YouTube algorithm, once it has understood what the content is all about, might take some time to optimize your Shorts and push it in front of the relevant audience.

How To Find And Create YouTube Shorts:

YouTube Shorts are available on YouTube homepage only on mobile devices. Once you start scrolling it down you will find a “Shorts Shelf” – a carousel named as “Shorts beta”.

Another way to access Shorts is by clicking on the option beside ‘Home’. This will take you to Shorts feed wherein you can browse through multiple Shorts videos posted by creators. At present, the platform is filled with a mix of original and recycled content, but YouTube has made it clear that it will use both automation and human reviewers to give precedence to original content.

Viewers can also subscribe to the channel through Shorts video, the option is available at bottom left of the screen:

On the right side of the screen, you get multiple options to react so you can like, dislike, comment on and share any Shorts video. To check the video details, you can click on three dots above the like option, and it will showcase information including publishing date, number of views, hashtags, important links and more (if the creator has put any):

How To Use YouTube Shorts To Promote The Business

A lot of influencers and digital creators have started making Shorts videos and are getting good results in terms of views, likes, comments and subscribers. But the feature is not just for entertainment purpose.
Many business owners or companies are planning to use Shorts, but they don’t know whether it will be helpful for their business or not. These businesses invest a lot more money on huge commercials, so, whether time-cost benefit on Shorts is worth paying attention to or not in terms of growing business has become a point of discussion. So, consider the following:

People Like Short Content:

People prefer to watch short form content rather than spending too much time on long videos. Short content is always engaging because let’s face it, today nobody has time to spend hours on any content on the Internet. In fact, when we search any video on YouTube, we choose to watch short video rather than the ones with duration of 30-40 minutes or we continuously skip through the content just to reach main point.

But on the other hand, taking out time to watch 15-30 seconds of content isn’t difficult. These videos can be watched during breaks or in free time. Plus, because short videos are created with an objective of engaging the viewer, there are more shareable than long form content. So, you can get much more viewers by posting 30-60 seconds of quality content.

Shorts Content Videos Have High Retention:

We mostly remember videos short content than a long-formatted content even both are engaging, meaningful, extraordinary, we in fact only remember small parts of long video which blows our mind, which leaves some impact on our mind. Both short-form and long videos fulfill their specific purpose; while videos of small duration focus on grabbing viewer’s attention, longer videos focus on imparting information with all its nitty gritty. But short-form videos like TikTok, Reels or YouTube Shorts can engage audience more and even within long videos, one is only able to remember the parts they deem important.

As we see short videos are more engaging, they can be used as trailer or premiere for your long videos.
Your subscribers expect more content from you. You can give brief about your services, upcoming events, offers etc. in your YouTube Shorts video.

Flexibility In Short Videos

When you are running a company, you are often busy with meetings, conferences, and target to focus on creating professional videos. With personalization and creativity being the key to good videos, YouTube Shorts provides the flexibility to put out quick, casual videos.

You can post behind the scenes of your events or conferences, introduce your team, showcase your work culture, your workspace, and share some tips and information from your field that viewers find useful and are looking answers for.

Won’t Take Much Time/ Not Too Time-Consuming:

Viewers’ retention is based on how frequently you can put out content. While one no longer needs to put out content every single day, publishing videos at set intervals does prepare the algorithm as well as the audience to expect a new release. Creating long videos is time-consuming and with busy schedules, it’s not always necessary that a business will be able to commit to it. That’s where short video comes handy.

Since the video is of only 30-60 seconds, you do not need to spend hours to create content or hire a professional videographer. You just need to think of a topic relevant to your business, services, and your viewers/ subscribers’ interests. Use your handset and you can film yourself whenever, wherever you want.

In a nutshell, if you are a business looking to gain traction amongst your target audience, you need to start incorporating Shorts videos in your marketing strategies. Now is the best chance to experiment.

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