Happy Social Media Day!

Are you across and invested in your company’s social media presence? If not, here’s just some of our top tips as to why you should be!

Happy Social Media Day

Your target audience is already there!

Social media has been around for a while now, and with 2.85 billion active users on Facebook each month, and 1 billion users on it’s acquired platform Instagram, it’s a no-brainer that your potential customers are using these spaces already to search for your services. Curating tailored audiences from these hefty samples allow you to specifically target the right traffic, which can earn you followers (those who support your brand and are interested in seeing your company’s updates) and through smart marketing funnels, can help you acquire a steady clientele!

Social ads have crazy ROI potential

With marketing giants such as Facebook and Instagram having invested heavily in making the business aspect of their platform’s incredibly focused on audience targeting, it’s no wonder many companies are on board with utilising these features to curate some of the most engaging ads we’ve seen to date. Between re-targeting those who didn’t follow through with a sale, to curating your content based on what your audience wants to see, the opportunities are limitless in terms of your reach and ultimate end goal.

Socials are a huge helper in boosting your SEO!

Social media’s status as an SEO ranking factor is no longer a secret, and especially for those who utilise Google Analytics note the categorical social traffic indicator that allows you to see where the majority of your website traffic is coming from, just helps to infer the link-building power of having a consistent social media presence.

Not only is organic content marketing via social media completely free, but also helps you build relationships, and in turn trust, that can lead to website traffic opportunities.

CTA’s in both organic and paid social media marketing is key here, and the more shares your content you can gain, the more likely you are to gain that traffic over time!

Access to valuable marketing data!

Facebook is known for providing an intricate Insights feature that allows for highly-tailored performance marketing, which takes all the guess work out of the equation.

From discovering demographics that you didn’t know were relevant to your company and it’s offerings, to figuring out which content performs the best – this data is key to constructing successful future campaigns!

Brand awareness opportunities!

Like with all B2B and B2C marketing, people and brands want to know who you are before they engage in your services or purchase your products, and social media is the ideal avenue in which to freely portray who your brand is and showcase your products and services!

Take advantage of this free aspect when utilising these platforms to build a presence and tell a story about your brand.

Optimize your brand for mobile devices!

Humans are visual creatures and respond to posts with high-resolution visuals by more than 150%! Platforms such as Instagram allow you to build a highly-personalised aesthetic which is pleasing on the eye by automatically curating beautiful profiles which existing and new followers will be drawn to!

Highly-efficient opportunities for customer service!

As opposed to hunting for phone numbers or putting together an email, social media allows your followers and those interested in your brand to easily get in touch to ask questions and provide feedback, this in turn allows you to quickly respond on behalf of your brand. There’s no messing around with this avenue!

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