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Retro Spares


Web Applications, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation, Content Creation and Brand Strategy


Retro Spares is a vintage car supplier with a wide range of vintage auto parts online. Traditionally selling through print, swap meets and a Neto website, Retro was looking for help to transition to digital marketing and expand their business.


Our primary focus for Retro Spares was to build new Magento 2 website to help support the business expansion goal. We underpinned the growth strategic with a focus on organic ranking, website integrations and digital advertising.

Key components of the solution included a customised Magneto 2 website build, integration of 3rd party sellers, integration of marketplace websites (e.g. eBay & Catch) and a user experience (UX) led website design.


Retro Spares sales have gone gangbusters! The business has recorded all-time highs in sales for 5 of the last 6 months.

Website features included a customised search by car brand or car model, SEO on-site optimisation, integration of 3rd party shipping API’s and live ┬áinventory tracking for the business.

  • 400%

    Retail Customer Growth

  • 205%

    Increase in Sales

  • 331%

    Increase In Products Sold

Tags: customised Magneto 2 website build, digital advertising, focus on organic ranking, integration of 3rd party sellers, integration of marketplace websites, Magento 2, retro spares, user experience led website design., website integrations